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Author: Created: 12/7/2016 7:43 AM
DeskFlex is an office reservation software system designed to create ease and efficiency in your work place. We help you hot desk, hotel, and desk book throughout your office.
By Anna on 12/30/2016 10:31 AM

There are many benefits to hot-desking for businesses and their employees. Hot-Desking is the future for any offices that want to encourage an open, flexible, and stimulating environment. 

By Anna on 12/7/2016 7:43 AM

Office Reservation TermsHot Desking, Hoteling, Desk Booking. What does it all mean? These terms have been used a lot lately in regards to office reservations but they can confuse employers over what's what: What's the same? What's different? What do I need? This guide will help determine which terms you're looking for and will be best for your business.

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Why Hot-Desking is Here to Stay
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