Making Technology Work For You

Nowadays, workers can work flexibly from home, on the road, or even outside of the country, which makes office hoteling a popular way in the modern office. Employees usually use their mobile device, collaboration software, office scheduling software, and customer relationship software to manage office hoteling, which improves efficiency and employee motivation. But with all these software and technologies, it can be overwhelming.

Younger workers often adjust more easily to this flexibility because they know more about the technologies involved in a shared workspace. But some people may find it’s hard to adjust since they’re not so good at technology. And it’s humiliating to have people whine, “I explained this to you ten times already.”

A great way to help ease fears is to frame the technology as tools that will make your work easier. It’s not learning a whole new complex set of skills, but using these technologies to your advantage. If you see technology as a way to get your jobs done, you will be more motivated to learn how to use the software and hardware.

As a manger or executive, keep in mind the usability of the technology you choose. You should select a software that is easy to use while improves your business performance. It is also a good idea to make it clear to your employees why you select the software and how it will help them do business.

When you introduce the technology to your workers, you should provide training as well as support. Good training helps employees make the most of the technology and use them more efficiently. Buying software that goes unused because employees are intimidated and confused by it is a waste of money. Hold several training sessions and offer a way for them to get tech support easily.

Quality workforce management software and office management software can make a big difference in your business. Let technology work for you and your employees!  

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