Introducing Social Distancing Management Beacons

DeskFlex beacons are the latest innovation used to provide location-based services through Bluetooth for check-in and check-out process. The beacons allow the Bluetooth devices to send and capture information with short distances. The ease of use and versatility make office room management simple. The client essentially installs the DeskFlex application on its mobile for check-in and check-out procedure.

Book Now

Your users can view upcoming meetings for that space and even book the workstation on the touchscreen.

Check-in and Check Out

The check-in and check out feature helps to maintain that the reservations are used. The Touchscreens also include an Auto-Cancellation option. If the user does not check-in within 15 minutes, the reservation is automatically cancelled and the workstation opens up to other users.

Additional Features

✔ Wall mount options for both glass, wood and drywall.

✔ The beacon features a stylistic Light which is blue and show the availability of Bluetooth connected device.

✔ Connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth.

✔ Available in Black & White casing.

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