Workstation Touchscreens

Introducing DeskFlex WorkStation Touchscreens

The DeskFlex WorkStation Touchscreens primarily function for technical or scientific applications. Developers designed these screens for one person at a time. It can also support modern operating systems used in modern offices and signage in the retail sector. Additionally, it can also function as a second support device.

Book Now

Your users can view upcoming meetings for the designated area of the touch screen, and can also use it to book the workstation.

Check-in and Check Out

The check-in and check-out feature help assure that users attend to their reservations. Furthermore, it includes an Auto-Cancellation option that automatically cancels unattended reservations 15 minutes after the start time. After that, other users can book and use the workstation.

Assigned seat software

Additional Features

i. It has wall-mount options for both glass and drywall
ii. The touch screen features a stylistic LED lighting. It shows different room availability colors at the top and on the sides. Green indicates vacancy while red means a reserved workspace.
iii. RJ45 powers the touchscreen with a standard power adapter (12~24V DC in) or Power over Ethernet (PoE). You can run a PoE cable to the unit for places without power outlets if you have an appropriate switch.
iv. It connects to the internet via WiFi.
v. It is available in Black & White casing.