Workstation Touchscreens

WorkStation TouchscreensIntroducing DeskFlex WorkStation Touchscreens

The DeskFlex WorkStation Touchscreens was specially designed for technical or scientific applications. Intended primarily to be used as an individual person at a time. It is designed to support modern operating systems and for use in modern offices, in digital signage in the retail sector, and as a second support device.

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Your users can view upcoming meetings for that space and even book the workstation on the touchscreen.

displayCheck-in and Check Out

The check-in and check-out feature help to maintain that the reservations are used. The Touchscreens also include an Auto-Cancellation option. If the user does not check-in within 15 minutes, the reservation is automatically canceled and the workstation opens up to other users.

Assigned seat software

WorkStation Touchscreens FeaturesAdditional Features

i- Wall mount options for both glass and drywall.

ii- The touch screen features a stylistic LED lighting which shows different room availability colors on the top and sides. Green Indicates vacancy and Red indicates it is reserved.

iii- The touchscreen is powered by RJ45 with a standard power adapter (12 ~24V DC in) or Power over Ethernet (PoE). For places with no power outlets, you can run a PoE cable to the unit if you have the appropriate switch.

iv- Connects to the internet via WiFi.

v- Available in Black & White casing.