Space Management

DeskFlex space management software allows organizations to track and manage their real estate properties and all parts of their actual space inventory. However, it enables access to cloud-based space data analysis and visualization to provide insights on how to manage their organizational space.

In addition, DeskFlex total office management software displays data on the following insights: 

  1. Shared Spaces Users

  2. Office Space Categories

  3. Frequency of Use

  4. On-Demand Preferred Spaces

  5. Allocation of Space throughout the entire building

  6. Forecasted Space Utilization

Effective Organizational Management

DeskFlex meeting space software provides an organization with a transparent data collection needed to deliver effective solutions to space planning and distribution concerns. Above that, it gives you a clear picture of the status of your property portfolio, floor planning developments, space utilization, and manage owned and lease management software real estate facilities.

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Features And Functions

In conclusion, DeskFlex meeting room management solutions have the following features: 

  1. Up-to-date actual information stored in a secured cloud-based data storage

  2. Interactive dashboards, office spaces layout, and analytics

  3. 3D visualizations integrated with AutoCAD illustrations or Revit models

  4. Simplified floor plan scenario demonstration

  5. Customizable to accommodate organizational changes and growth

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