Contact Tracing

DeskFlex room booking software launches Contact Tracing feature that works with Bluetooth beacons to help company managers, school administrators, and business owners monitor their employees, students, and clients, respectively.
DeskFlex Contact Tracing assists in containing a possible outbreak in the office, schools, campuses, and business establishments.

Contact TracingContact Tracing in the Office and School Campuses

When a student or employee checks in to the building, Bluetooth beacons regularly update their signal to the central server. It keeps a record of the users’ log in activities, reservations, details, and location in the office or campus. When users move around the office or school, other Bluetooth beacons pick up their mobile signals. They register their position at that particular time.

When a student or employee tests positive for Coronavirus. After that, DeskFlex’s Contact Tracing tool can run a report on the user’s geographical data based on the signals recorded in the Bluetooth beacons.

Outbreak contact tracingNotifying, Locating and Isolating an Outbreak

DeskFlex’s Contact Tracing software screens students, faculty, employees, and registered users for symptoms of coronavirus upon logging into the system. When there is a confirmed case of COVID contamination, the administrators can analyze the user’s data and consolidate a comprehensive report. On other users that are also present in the same location, date, and time as the infected individual.

DeskFlex Contact Tracing tool shows all the registered users that are possibly infected, the management can immediately notify, locate, and recommend isolation of those individuals.

Contamination contact tracingCOVID Contamination Containment

Company managers and school admins can also determine from the Contact Tracing. Comprehensive report which particular employee, workspaces, desks, and cubicles the infected individual came into contact. Using DeskFlex’s Contact Tracing tool, the administrators can identify which areas in the office or school that need total lockdown. They can perform deep sanitation following the contamination.

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