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DeskFlex DeskBooking

The DeskFlex desk booking system allows employees to check desk availability and reserve their preferred office table. Desk booking software displays real-time changes as plans and schedules change, which helps prevent double-booking, reservation conflicts, and no-shows.

Web-Based and Mobile App Desk Booking

Users can make advanced reservations remotely through the web-based booking software interface. Similarly, mobile workers can also take advantage of DeskFlex mobile app to book desks and workstations from their handheld devices, especially when they are working on the field.
DeskFlex makes it convenient for employees to check which office space is available with just a few clicks. Users can download DeskFlex mobile app for Apple IOS and Google Andriod for desk booking and hoteling software.

Utilities and Equipment Booking

DeskFlex desk booking software also enables employees to reserve the equipment needed to work on that specific desk. DeskFlex room scheduling system automatically transfers the telephone switch directly to the booked workstation so the user can receive calls right straight to them.
Once the reservation is confirmed, DeskFlex desk scheduling software allocates utility such as power, lighting, cooling/heating, and water to the designated area. Only confirmed desks can use the company’s resources, helping the organization to save on space and energy use.

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