Provide flexibility at your government organization for your remote staff and telecommuting employees. Office hoteling software provides a way for everyone to reserve a workspace in advance. Hoteling reduces the cost of office space and facilities, makes scheduling and reserving easy, and creates positive benefits for your team members. Instead of assigning each employee a desk, office hoteling allows you to have offices, cubicles or conference rooms which employees can reserve for use when they need. Employees check into their reserved spaces and can have their PBX telephone number routed to their desks. Agile work through DeskFlex’s reservation system is easy and cost-effective. Government organizations, who are often pressured for better accountability, can benefit from more efficient resource scheduling provided by DeskFlex. The government sector can enjoy the benefits of resource scheduling and better manage the locations of employees.

Government EmployeeManage Employee Workspace

Many government agencies have more desks on any given day than what is needed. Or, during times of peak demand, there is not enough desk space to accommodate it. Resolve these problems with a reservation and planning system.

Government Employee EfficiencyIncrease Employee Efficiency

Increase efficiency by empowering employees with self-service. Public sector employees enjoy the experience of consumer technology they have at home. Why not give them the same job satisfaction? Delivering IT shop portal easy and intuitive self can reduce costs while improving the user interaction with IT.

Government communicateCommunicate Clearly

Communicate clearly with your staff or team by creating then sharing reservations and meeting information. DeskFlex Office Hoteling Software lets team members connect to plan and collaborate.

Cost SavingsSee Cost Savings

Government organizations get pressure to cut costs, but merely cutting costs is not an effective way to manage busy entities. Streamlining services are a better way to manage funds rather than cut services entirely. Flexible scheduling and space planning allows your organization to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Technology can benefit most government agencies because it organizes, coordinates, and analyzes information for you. Mobile work environments, multiple devices, hybrid environments and shared services to boost accountability and eliminate waste. DeskFlex Office Hoteling Software helps improve efficiency and the quality of government services. DeskFlex software offers visible solutions to local and central government agencies.