Okta Integration

Okta Integration

Okta Integration

Okta flex is an enterprise-grade identity and access management service that enables to deliver secure access for authorized users to the systems, applications, and data they need from any device at any time. It can manage access across any software application, device, or person.

flex.Okta provides single sign-on to all of the user’s web and mobile applications. Users will only need to log in once, and Okta will launch each program application without repeating each application’s login process.

DeskFlex Integration with Okta ServiceDeskFlex Integration with Okta Service

Okta flex integrates the DeskFlex project scheduling software into its service application and deploys DeskFlex’s software features. Moreover, you can use Okta as storage for all your work-related productivity apps, and you can log into the DeskFlex scheduling software for business through it. Okta makes it possible to integrate several methods to enable Single Sign-On into different web applications.

scheduling software

Desk Booking and Room Scheduling Made Easier

DeskFlex online booking software lets team members schedule desks, meeting rooms, cubicles, workstations, and related equipment using their devices with Okta integrations. With DeskFlex best scheduling software and Okta integration, it is no part of the many necessary work-related apps that users need to perform office tasks efficiently.

Flex Okta login allows users to access DeskFlex scheduling software for business without having to re-enter credentials during every login. Using your authenticated and synced devices, you can access DeskFlex online booking software with one sign on through Okta interface. This integration makes desk booking, meeting room scheduling and facility management more convenient to users.

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