DeskFlex Vaccine Management Solution

DeskFlex vaccine management system monitors and tracks your employees’ vaccination history, including the COVID-19 vaccine. It is an essential software feature to support the contact tracing features and to uphold safety protocols in the workplace.

DeskFlex vaccine management software reminds you of your staff’s next vaccination schedule or upcoming booster shots by sending out email and text notifications. The system keeps accurate and updated details following:   

  • Vaccination Date
  • Vaccination Type
  • Require Booster Shot
  • Schedule of Booster Shot
  • Completed Booster Shot
  • Date of Booster Shot Completion 
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Vaccination Status

On the DeskFlex dashboard, the vaccination status button will turn red when the employee needs a required vaccine or booster shot. It will turn green when the staff has completed the necessary vaccines and schedules.
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Vaccination Report

The DeskFlex vaccination report will generate a list of all employees, vaccine categories, including date of vaccination, type of vaccine, booster requirement, completion of the booster shot, and administration date of the booster shot. It streamlines your employees’ vaccination process and ensures compliance with their doses.
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Vaccine Solution Overview

The DeskFlex Vaccine Management Solution includes three modules and consulting support that you can use together or individually:  

  1. Vaccine Management Tracking and Monitoring Platform
  1. Vaccine Management Tracking and Monitoring Platform

Expanding on DeskFlex’s contact tracing feature, the vaccine management feature tracks and monitors a team member’s vaccination process, from registration, administration of initial dose to final dose, and follow up of symptoms and reactions.

2. Contact Management

Using the DeskFlex contact management software feature, your company can help address frequently asked questions and leverage email/SMS email for company engagement, vaccine eligibility, and health surveys.   

3. Analytics and Reporting

DeskFlex vaccine management system creates a comprehensive list and details of your employees’ vaccination process and schedule plan to:

  • define high-priority populations
  • monitor population engagement
  • comply with the dosage regimen
  • follow up with reactions and effectiveness
  • analyze safe pattern
  • provide vaccine distribution logistics when necessary 

4. Organizational Support

According to the US-CDC state guidelines, states must develop and prepare COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans and open sites to administer mass vaccinations to identified critical populations when the FDA-approved COVID19 vaccine doses are available. The DeskFlex vaccine management system can provide the necessary vaccine management solution to the state governments, local governments, and organizations to deploy quickly and efficiently adapting to the evolving CDC guidelines.