Choose Online or Personalized Training

DeskFlex software comes with every purchase of our software. Opt to have personalized training for you and your staff or utilize the user guides and training manuals. We have taken the guess workout and made DeskFlex Room Scheduling software user-friendly. We offer software integration service so you do not have to switch from one application to another. We help you create a streamlined hoteling system to make the most of your real estate and assets. This allows large or small companies to take advantage of their workspace through reservations software. Improve efficiency, maximize resources, provide flexibility and reduce overall costs.

Learn Quickly

Learning how to use DeskFlex and AgentPower is easy. Each training session is tailored to your individual needs and experience level. DeskFlex and AgentPower both have intuitive interfaces that reduces the learning curve. We begin by getting to know your concerns and questions about your current system and our software. Then we focus on the areas where you need the most help. Most training sessions consist of the following elements.

Get On-Site Training

DeskFlex also comes with the option of on-site training. Your DeskFlex trainer begins by training your main administrators to understand how to troubleshoot, create sub-administrators and set up additional installations.

Every DeskFlex Training Includes

» Explaining the general structure of our software

» Integrating DeskFlex with your current system and database

» Demonstrating the basics of the software from making a new booking to writing an invoice

» Demonstrating special features such as the admin system or the extensive lists and statistics functions

» Explaining the additional modules for DeskFlex such as the online systems, the multi-user mode or the EPOS systems interface

» Answering your questions and reviewing your personal software concerns

Great Benefits of DeskFlex Training

» It is easy to use with a drag & drop learning management system

» It has a multi-user application which allows multiple users to ask questions and get responses

» You can practice creating, checking, and canceling reservations

» You will see unique features in action, such as full conflict resolution (which resolves double bookings)

» It comes with email training invitations which keep track of replies

» It has the option to send confirmed training attendees additional information

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