Education schedulingEducation

Higher education institutions often have complex scheduling needs with multiple buildings and even multi-campus environments. With DeskFlex, colleges and universities can manage their classroom space, dormitories and campuses. Higher Education institutions operating out of multiple locations in the United States or abroad can use the DeskFlex system to securely share online information with its students, faculty, and administrators. IT can set up who can access the system and give different levels of access so that faculty members and administrators can schedule or reserve needed space. Then students and faculty can check these reservations. DeskFlex eliminates confusion, double-bookings, and lost reservations.

 classroom schedulingClassroom and Resource Scheduling

All colleges and universities share the need to schedule classes, educational areas and meeting spaces. However, inefficient organizing can lead to double bookings, wasted classroom space or confusion. That is why universities and colleges turn to DeskFlex to best allocate and use resources. You can increase efficiency and lower energy consumption.

scheduling activitiesArrange Events and Activities

Arrange appointments and schedule events with DeskFlex. We offer a variety of solutions to help you in planning and scheduling every type of event from repeated offerings to a special student or faculty gatherings. You can even reserve space for outside groups to generate additional revenue. DeskFlex traces its roots back to education because it was written for a student center many years ago. We can customize the software to your specific campus needs and layout.

scheduling reservationTrack and Post Reservations

Track space usage with DeskFlex. Administrators can analyze classroom, conference and lecture hall usage to increase wise use of space. Scheduling, booking, and tracking reservations are simplified with the consolidating capabilities of DeskFlex. Then post activity and event schedules for clear communication across campus. All of these features are available in the cloud for easy access.

meet schedulingMeet the Needs of Faculty, Staff and Students

Give your colleagues and your students a one-stop-shop for all your scheduling and calendaring needs. Whether you need a meeting space, a classroom, AV equipment, or just want to know where an event is being held, DeskFlex has you covered. Using Outlook integration, integrated room-scheduling functionality, and online calendaring, you have up-to-the-minute information across campus accessible via digital room displays, mobile devices, as well as at your desk.

Student Workspace Scheduling

Use DeskFlex for students and campus employees as well. Students can reserve study space, lab space, or club event areas and then share those reservations with others as needed. Employees can schedule events as well or check the reservation schedule to see how space is used. DeskFlex improves campus morale and employee satisfaction.

Make Employee Adoption and Use Simple

Learning how to use DeskFlex is easy. Our program can be incorporated into your campus with little interruption because of its easy to use interface. Administrators, teachers and students can start to use DeskFlex right away and enhance their campus experience.