Zapier integration

Zapier Integration

Zapier integration

Zapier online automation is an integration tool that allows users to connect hundreds of cloud-based software apps and services to streamline workflow processes. The process of automation results in many apps triggers between one app to the other. Moreover, Zapier automates repetitive tasks and lets you share data across web applications.

DeskFlex scheduling software for business sends out several notifications for new bookings, end of reservations, canceled, or modified meeting room bookings daily. To help site administrators manage all these activities coming in from the DeskFlex online booking software, DeskFlex partners with Zapier to automate data collection.

DeskFlex Integration with ZapierDeskFlex Integration with Zapier

DeskFlex scheduling software for business collaborates with Zapier App, cloud-based software that connects all your significant apps and moves information between them automatically. DeskFlex project scheduling software makes it even more convenient for site administrators to monitor real-time reservations through the consolidated application management tool.

With Zapier application management, you can put into one platform all the significant apps that you use at work, such as:

  • DeskFlex Mobile App
  • Zoom
  • Gotomeeting
  • Office 365
  • Slack
  • Google Calendar
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • many more

You can view and receive leads, team collaborations, reminders, alerts, and information as they come and can transfer this information on your other apps integrated within Zapier. DeskFlex online booking software will send alerts when an employee makes a new room, office, or conference room reservations.

This way, DeskFlex best scheduling software lets all your employees know who works when and what specific locations in your office. Your staff can now plan their reservations around these available data.

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