Abandoned Meeting Protection

DeskFlex’s room booking systems automatically releases a meeting room space when nobody confirms or shows up to the meeting. DeskFlex abandoned meeting protection software frees up space within the system default time of fifteen (15) minutes. The user can also set a time frame before the software cancels the meeting. After that, he can release the conference room for other users to book. 

Canceled And No-Show Meeting

No show or canceled meetings happen when no one shows up for the session or when the location of the meeting changes, and no-one updates the calendar invite. DeskFlex meeting room booking systems make it easy to keep old and recurring conference schedules from piling up in your meeting rooms.
Employees can check-in to the conference room by scanning the QR code on the contactless room display. When no one logs into the meeting room, DeskFlex meeting room scheduling software will automatically release the reservation after 15 minutes by default or after the time set by the event planner.

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Email, Text, And Mobile App Notification

When the system cancels the meeting, DeskFlex software sends out an email notification informing the event planner. Everyone invited to the session of the abandoned conference. The system also sends out SMS text and mobile app alerts to tell other members who might be traveling or mobile at the time of the changes. Other users can immediately view that the meeting room is available for booking.