Room Scheduling

Real estate costs are rising yearly. The office space building has the biggest budget allocation for any company. Office managers try to maximize their office spaces to control overhead costs while improving team members’ productivity using room reservation software.

Business digitalization is the key to workplace optimization. Using an office desk reservation software to manage workspaces can significantly improve the way people work in the modern office.

To increase productivity, teams often need to meet and brainstorm ideas. Meeting rooms and conference rooms are the most in-demand office space resources that team members compete to book first. They can collaborate their schedules using the online collaborative calendar free. It makes scheduling easier when the meeting planner knows everyone’s availability.

DeskFlex’s online conference room scheduling software is an effortless, user-friendly, and affordable way to make your workspace more efficient. The room organizer software application allows your team members to schedule meeting room reservations ahead of time using our online meeting room scheduler.

DeskFlex room reservation program prevents confusion and frustration due to double bookings, no-shows, and lost reservations. The room reservation management system will show the rooms’ current status, whether the workspaces are booked for the day, available in the next few minutes, or booked throughout the week using the meeting room booking app free.

Room Scheduling SoftwareMeeting Room Scheduling Software

The meeting room and the conference room are highly coveted spaces in the office. Team members rush to create bookings for these areas, especially during peak season, when annual reports, presentations, and team evaluations occur. That’s why every organization needs reliable meeting room management software to manage their meeting room and conference room booking.

A meeting room manager software optimizes the use of spaces in the office and prevents tension among team members. To avoid conflict in the online meeting room scheduler, team members can use the DeskFlex meeting room booking application to view available periods for meeting rooms and conference rooms. With the accessible scheduling tool for meetings with real-time information, the assigned team member responsible for securing a meeting room for their team to reserve can view open dates for their team to use and perform the booking of meeting rooms.

Using the open-source meeting room display, team members will no longer interrupt ongoing meetings because the device will display the meeting room reservation duration. In addition, business owners can choose to install a conference room schedule board to show each department’s schedule of meetings and location in the building.

DeskFlex is a powerful meeting room booking engine. With DeskFlex online meeting room booking system, you’ll be able to make the best use of your office spaces and enjoy the following advantages:

Increase team members’ satisfaction leading to increased productivity and morale.
Reduce team members’ frustration and disengagement.
Maximize workflow process.
Make the best use of workspaces.

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Conference Room Scheduling Software

DeskFlex conference room booking software free offers a feature-rich conference room scheduling system with a track record of successful implementation and innovation for over two decades. DeskFlex room booking calendar software is one of the best online meeting rooms available in the market today. We have added COVID-compliant features.

Users can easily view free meeting rooms with color-coded indicators using the DeskFlex conference room booking application on their mobile phones, laptops, desktops. Green indicates open dates, red indicates unavailable space, blue indicates the workspace has a permanent user, and yellow signals the room will be available in the next thirty (30) minutes. DeskFlex open source reservation calendar has real time calendar sharing to let team members know of their upcoming meetings and collaboration sessions.

Room Scheduling

Room Scheduling SoftwareFacility Scheduling Software

DeskFlex office desk reservation software can also manage your organization’s facilities, including a sports complex, gymnasiums, basketball courts, game rooms, etc. Every time your team members will need to schedule their fitness, they can create facility schedules using DeskFlex free meeting planning tools with their colleagues at work.

With DeskFlex conference venue booking service, admins can readily:

Track office facility and equipment.
Check room current usage and duration.
Monitor team members’ facility reservations.
Generate detailed reports for accurate audit and internal record assurance.

We offer fully-featured web-based conference room scheduling for both large and small business organizations.

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Hall Reservation System

Rental businesses such as co-working spaces, event venues, and function halls can benefit from the DeskFlex facility scheduling and event management software. The free conference room scheduling app is customizable to meet business needs. DeskFlex conference room reservation system may include a point of sale system for rental companies to accept online and check-out payments.

Furthermore, if your business is renting out event venues and spaces, you can allow your customers to create reservations in advance using the event venue booking app. The DeskFlex room booking online system is suitable for coworking spaces and venue rental businesses. You can provide room rental software to loyal customers and allow them to place appointments at their convenience.

1. free online meeting room booking system

Room Scheduling SoftwareEvent Venue Management System

DeskFlex room reservation website is beneficial to a meeting room organizer, meeting planner, or an event planner. Meetings and event planners can use the functions of an event space booking software to organize intimate events smoothly following safety and health protocols amid the pandemic.

Since COVID is challenging the event planning industry, event organizers and venue coordinators collaborate with local authorities to inform them of the event details. Using the facility rental software allows event planners and event participants to receive updates on the function rooms available near me and the area’s current health status where the venue is located.

There are free meeting room tools that organizers can use to conduct a webinar a few months before the event to inform and assure the participants that the event is well-coordinated and well planned COVID prevention practices. Using the meeting room booking system tablet, meeting planners can collaborate with key persons such as the hotel managers, local health authorities, and venue coordinators to explain the event details. The DeskFlex conference room management system integrates video conferencing tools to conduct pre-event webinars or online meeting reminders through electronic mail and SMS messaging in line with their room booking timetable.

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How to Use DeskFlex Room Reservation Program

DeskFlex room and resource booking software can integrate into any existing company networks. It can also integrate with hundreds of web-based software applications such as:

✔ Zapier
✔ Okta
✔ Office 365
✔ Outlook
✔ Active Directory

room reservation software

Once the integration is complete, team members can download the DeskFlex desk reservation system mobile app version on iOS and Android platforms.

Users can create reservations for the next day or next week using the free conference room scheduling app. Using their meeting room scheduling devices with an internet connection, team members can view their preferred workspaces and make reservations right then and there.

Higher-level management can create meetings, events, and conferences using the meeting room manager login and send alerts to the session participants. Moreover, the staff with access to a meeting room booking engine can book conference rooms and additional equipment such as overhead projectors, conference speakers, WiFi connections, sound systems, etc. The DeskFlex equipment tracking room availability displays equipment status in real-time.

Furthermore, DeskFlex office desk reservation software allows users to modify, cancel, or add some notes to their room booking reservations. Users can also reserve a parking space when the particular workstation has a designated parking space with free meeting planning tools.

Room Scheduling SoftwareDeskFlex COVID Compliance

Aside from allowing a seamless desk reservation process, DeskFlex’s best meeting room booking software helps prevent COVID contamination in the office with our updated software functions.

To safeguard the customers, employees, and the workplace from the Coronavirus infection, our meeting room scheduling system has:

Automatic Desk Sanitation between users.
Dynamic Desk Scheduling.
Mask Detection.
Thermal Scanner.
Visitor Management.
Social Distancing Policy.
Contact Tracing features.
Vaccine Management.

room scheduling requirements

Easy Room Booking and Scheduling with DeskFlex!

Our room scheduling software ensures the integrity of the bookings and reservations. It makes bookings easier for your employees eliminating conflicts of schedules, overbookings, or lost reservations. We continuously upgrade our room booking system features to meet the changes and demands of the times. Try our free online meeting room booking system suitable for small and large organizations and enjoy the basic elements:

  • With Email and Text notifications upon confirmation of the room booking and a few hours before the reservations, the DeskFlex room reservation management system reduces no-shows and eliminates human error. When creating a meeting room booking, participants will also receive text and email notifications of the meeting invitation.
  •  Manage your office space potential with our desk booking software. Users can track space utilization using DeskFlex web-based room scheduling system’s detailed reports and analytics. Tracking how your team members utilize the workspaces allows you to decide which spaces to revamp to address team member needs and preferences that could boost their work performances.

Help your workers reserve conference rooms efficiently to save time and effort. With DeskFlex’s free online room booking system user-friendly interface, users can view, modify, and cancel reservations with only a few clicks. Have your team members try first-hand the DeskFlex conference room booking system for free.

DeskFlex is the total office space management software solution that helps your organization manage the workplace dynamics and increase productivity to achieve business goals. We also offer Outlook Integration for both the 2013 and 2016 versions. To let you experience the powerful features and functions, try our room reservation system for free.

Call today and schedule a Demo with us!

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✔ Safari 13.1 and up
✔ Chrome
✔ Outlook 2013 and up
✔ Windows OS
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