Analytics / Reporting

Analytics logo imageAnalytics and Reporting

The DeskFlex reservation system has an efficient tracking system that monitors users’ booking activities. It provides comprehensive information on the different office space status and how often users book these workstations. Consequently, DeskFlex room booking software will guide you to make sound decisions in optimizing the workplace. The analytics and reporting software feature will display on-demand desks or workspaces. Thus, office managers can set up the office according to team member preferences.

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In addition to optimizing workspaces, the DeskFlex reporting and analytics software feature will also display equipment use frequency. It can track how often pieces of office equipment are booked along with desk or room reservations. Office equipment includes laptops, projectors, wifi, telephone speakers, and whiteboards.

Uniquely, DeskFlex room booking software enables admins to check on their employees’ desk booking activities, checking in, and checking out. Hence, admins can monitor their workers’ attendance and office presence using the application.

When generating the preferred report, the admin must log into the DeskFlex system and click on ‘Reports.’ The admin must set a specific date, type of report, building, type of space, and summarized according to criteria. After setting the reports parameters, the DeskFlex room scheduling system will generate the desired reporting and analytics. From there, the admin can examine the activities and attendance of all users, most preferred office spaces, and equipment used.

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