Team members can place orders on the food they want to serve in the team meetings or company conferences. DeskFlex meeting room booking system makes event planning easy with the Catering software features.

DeskFlex’s internal meeting room booking system allows the event planning team to select and place food orders in the in-house company cafeteria. Employees who are responsible for arranging board meetings and company meetings can streamline their food orders through DeskFlex Catering software.  

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Food Catering And Ordering Software

Our food catering software allows employees to select food from the cafeteria and place the number of orders for each food item. They can also indicate the date, time, schedules of serving, and the exact location of the meeting where the meeting is happening.

You can schedule in advance the following food items in your cafeteria to serve during the board meeting:  

  • Coffee
  • Sandwich
  • Pasta
  • Beverages
  • Special dishes
  • Packed meals
  • Many more