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Services Overview:

We offer solutions and customer service by email, phone and remote desktop 24/7/365. DeskFlex also offers on-site assistance.
We understand the importance of reliability. That's why we place your needs first, and are always available to
offer support.

Deskflex Gives You:

A scalable hotel and workspace solution that can be cloud-based or server based.

Completely secure and integrated solutions.

Integrated high-quality database servers that can handle a high workload.

User Friendly Software

Customize your system, minimize required equipment purchases, and respond to customers quickly. DeskFlex is a user-friendly
software with no tech prerequisites required.

Administrative Features:

One of the great benefits of Resource Scheduling Software is administrative access and control. Supervisors receive
duplicate reservation information via email to monitor user activity. Administrators can also generate reports to track
room utilization by individual, department, or job title. Other administrative benefits include the following:

Add business units

Access every software feature such as site configuration, maintenance, and other miscellaneous services.

Add and update the administrative information.

Admin Override lets you quickly manipulate the status of mobile workers who are based on the specific site. Access to individual accounts by selecting a mobile worker's name.

Search information about all users.

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