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DeskFlex FlexCube

Introducing DeskFlex FlexCube

The FlexCube is primarily designed for our desk and workspace reservation system. FlexCube is a Next-generation work management device; which you can use to book desks or workspace. The FlexCube also offers you an accurate status regarding desk availability, all you need to do is to scan the QR code for verification of any reservation via our DeskFlex app.

DeskFlex FlexCube

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It is the simplest and quickest way to book any desk or workspace on demand. Your users can view upcoming reservations for that space and even reserve the space by verifying that the space is either free or reserved.

Check-in and Check Out

The check-in and check out feature helps users to maintain that the reservation is in use. FlexCube also has a feature that involves four colors, each color has its own specifications; e.g. the green color indicates available workspace, the red color indicates that the space is reserved, the optional blue color indicates the desk is a permanent workspace for someone and the yellow color indicates that the space will be available in 30mins.

Additional Features

✔ lightweight and easy to place anywhere.

✔ Connects to the internet via Wi-Fi

✔ LED Lights

FlexCube Color Guide:

✔ Green (Desk is available)

✔ Red (Desk is reserved)

✔ Blue (Desk has a permanent user)

✔ Yellow (Desk has 30 minutes before it will be available)

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