Offer your employees the best working environment so you can attract competitive talent to your enterprise. Since computers and mobile workstations make up the backbone of many enterprises you can provide flexibility and ingenuity by allowing your team to work from home or the office. DeskFlex lets your employees reserve workspace, conference areas, and equipment to get the job done. Your enterprise grows as you create a truly different workplace.

Enterprise Advantages with Deskflex

✔ Understand how space is used, how to better use space, and how to recognize efficiency gains

✔ Arrange workspace and resources to successfully support versatile working environments

✔ Enhance a positive worker lifestyle by providing flexible work arrangements

✔ Improve productivity through the use of mobile devices that help track time and attendance

✔ Benefit from technological innovation that helps your company achieve your business objectives

Identification and Control Of Resources

Maximise your company’s resources and increase profitability. Increasing revenue and reducing unnecessary expenses lets you grow your business. DeskFlex helps you to cut costs by providing a flexible environment. Your valuable employees can reserve office space and equipment on an as-needed basis so you don’t waste any valuable real estate.

Build Expertise As a Tactical Recogniser

Modern workers are not as bound by geographical constraints because of innovative technology. Attract top talent to your enterprise with a versatile environment. Positive working situations and competitive salaries are key to keeping great team members to help grow your business. DeskFlex offers you the ability to set up a flexible working environment whether it be home, an office desk or a conference room. Your enterprise becomes a collaborative place to work rather than a bunch of cubicles.

How DeskFlex can fit your Enterprise

DeskFlex’s cloud-based software is available as a desktop or mobile application. You can customise DeskFlex to fit your office space and equipment. Your team members simply log in to reserve their preferred workspace or conference room. Any user can create, check or cancel reservations as needed. There is even a no conflict resolution feature to prevent double bookings.

Manufacturing Enterprises

Manufacturing enterprises require a great amount of efficiency. You know employee efficiency is an important element of reducing expenses. DeskFlex lets you organize the employee workspace and schedules so you can focus on production.

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