Make your business more flexible and competitive with DeskFlex software. DeskFlex’s Office Hoteling software helps you better manage resources and space planning. We offer solutions that meet your business needs to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Office hoteling software covers a wide range of business specialities and services. DeskFlex offers the perfect balance between flexibility and cost-efficiency. Flexible workspaces require dependable hoteling software. Implementing and managing that software is easy with DeskFlex. We can customise our software to fit your organisation. Then you can offer your employees the option to work from home, on the road, or at the office. They simply login to cloud-based DeskFlex and reserve workspace or conference space. Using DeskFlex you can easily accomplish the following:

Scale To Match Your Growth Strategy

DeskFlex is customisable to any size business to fit your specific needs. It can also be scaled to grow with your business as you expand. We fit our software for your business.

Offer Flexible Work Scheduling

Attracting top talent helps your business have a cutting edge. Give your employees the option of flexible scheduling and telecommuting to create a positive working environment. DeskFlex software provides powerful capabilities that drive cost savings, data-driven decisions and employee satisfaction.

Realise Cost Savings

Reduce office real estate costs with the right combination of office hoteling, shared workspaces and dedicated office spaces. Instead of having a number of empty desks on any given day, provide the right amount of desks along with scheduling software to best use them.

Increase Employee Productivity

Provide your employees better-managed workspace when they are in the office to improve productivity. Better workspace management allows them to settle in and get to work quickly. Arrange your workspace to maximise productivity, then employees select their preferred desk, conference room, or equipment.

Enhance Cooperation

Reserving conference rooms and open areas of collaboration for small group meetings helps you create synergy within your business. These areas encourage collaboration and spontaneous meetings, even for employees with dedicated workspaces.

Better Manage Employee Time

Manage employee work schedules through streamlining workspace reservations. DeskFlex reduces the time required to plan and manage reservations, enabling staff to be more proactive. Save time by copying details between bookings or replicating entire reservations. DeskFlex features easy reservations and no conflict resolutions. DeskFlex provides a software solution that will improve the way you do business.