Visitor Management

DeskFlex visitor management app helps companies and organisations monitor and process guests and outsiders visiting or renting out their facilities. A visitor can be a delivery man, a job applicant, a customer, or an employee’s relative. Mainly, anyone not employed full time or registered in the organisation is considered a visitor.

Visitor management system software is customisable from the simple electronic logbook to more advanced software integrations such as biometric scanner, surveillance cameras, no-mask detection, body temperature scanning, and a list of unwelcome guests.

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Visitor Facility Rental and Reservation

With DeskFlex visitor management app, guests and visitors can also book a meeting room, conference room, activity venue, and equipment for a specified period. Organizations can rent out their shared spaces to outsiders who want to use their on-campus facilities for their activity. Shared spaces and campus facilities rental can generate additional income for the organisation.

Thermal Detection

Advantages of Managing Visitors in Your Site

Business productivity and success is inevitable when your employees feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. Your employees can work with peace of mind knowing that everyone who comes in and out of the facility will go through processing using DeskFlex total office management software.

DeskFlex facility scheduling software can track visitors more systematically than pen and paper. Your organisation can take advantage of the following:

✔ Keep a digital visitor log

✔ Capture images of your visitors for fast identification

✔ Print customisable visitor ID badges with the official logo

✔ Generate digital signatures for signing NDA’s and other legal agreements

✔ Send Slack, SMS, and Email notifications when visitors arrive

✔ Accommodate package deliveries from FedEx, UPS and other courier services

✔ Accept document, parcels and food deliveries

✔ Creates two-way messaging between visitors and employees

✔ Many more

DeskFlex visitor management app enhances office security, increases employee productivity, and improves organisational brand image.

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