Room Booking

Conference Room Booking System

Our product provides a streamlined method for organising and managing the scheduling of office space, conference rooms, and office equipment. Our conference room booking system offers you customisation versatility. Any employee can easily make reservations via your organisation’s intranet or a kiosk. Users view room availability and make bookings from their desks, or even from home. DeskFlex can be customised to work for any setting, whether that’s publicly shared clubs, universities, or libraries. It’s a comprehensive meeting room manager, scheduler, and resource scheduling system. Deskflex integration simplifies scheduling and reserving space and equipment. You can, directly from Outlook, create, modify, view and cancel reservations all with just a simple click of your mouse. Coordinating your schedule with others has never been easier. Administrators can easily analyze activity and allocate departmental costs. They can also analyze reports by usage, type of space, or by workspace. Reports can also be printed, emailed, or exported in .csv format for use in spreadsheets.

Online booking software for quick reservations!

DeskFlex conference room booking system lets you make reservations within seconds. Your employees can check availability and book the meeting room ahead of time. Integrate our web-based room booking solutions with Outlook to allow a quick view. Bookings, cancellations and modifications can be done from the desk! Plus, employees can coordinate reservations with other staff. Administrators can also track space booking from the desk. They can use this data to maximise space utilisation. Reports can be printed, exported or emailed as spreadsheets. Call us today to learn more about the software and order it for your organisation!.

System Requirements

✔ Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

✔ Mozilla Firefox 63

✔ Safari 12

✔ Outlook 2013 or 2016