Custom Programming

Customisation Overview

DeskFlex is fully customisable so it can be perfectly suited to your needs. Unlike other providers who do not offer customisation services; customisation is already built-in to DeskFlex to increase your productivity. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we help organisations focus on their key strengths.

Learn about our Customised Software

Customising your hoteling software is one of our many strengths. We can design and implement a software solution specifically tailored to meet your hoteling and scheduling needs. We design office hoteling software for conference rooms, workspaces, desks, parking spaces, equipment. This helps you to create flexible and efficient business practices. We have decades of experience creating software for a vast array of businesses. We can evaluate your current process, assist you in defining your needs, and then customise your software.

How We Customise the Software

We use a layered approach to writing your custom package. Beginning with a basic design, we then add layers of features based on your needs. Custom software has a dynamic nature. Once the nucleus of the system is created and you begin using it, the design adapts to the capabilities of your automated system. This is why it is important to start with a basic system then add a layered approach. By using this method, we help you to modify the design of your system without the cost of writing a completely custom package. The cost is dependent on the number of features and how complicated the design you choose is. However, our goal is to keep modifications to the level that help you stay within your initial budget and maximise your investment.

Design your Own Features

Name your own fields! These fields allow you to sort, search, and print reports by various criteria. Most competitive appointment scheduling software programs do not even offer this flexibility. If you do not see a feature or function you need, let us know. Chances are, we are already working on it! Our development team will be glad to tailor it to your specific needs. We provide a flexible export option, which allows data integration with practically any program or device.

Get our System Installed

If your IT resources are stretched thin, or you simply prefer that our installation experts handle the process, we perform the initial installation of all software modules and test each component for proper functionality.

Get your Data Converted

Our conversion experts analyze data from your legacy system(s) and propose a plan to migrate or convert the information. We then design this solution and execute it with little or no downtime for your operation. If you would like a quote on the cost of data conversion, please contact an account executive and be prepared to provide a sample of your data so we can formulate an accurate estimate.

Have Your System Configured and Design for you

Having well thought out, correctly defined “core data” (rooms, statuses, hoteling process templates, event scheduling and workspace, etc.) is key to operating efficiently and effectively. Our consultants can pre-configure your EMS database for use and even assist with initial data entry if desired.

Fully Implement our Software

Professional Services provides clear steps for every software implementation. We start by getting to know your needs and finish with “going live” on the new system. We do offer a subsequent review and fine-tuning for maximum efficiency. Whether you have purchased DeskFlex Software for a small group of users in one building or for thousands of users deployed globally, the steps – while they may vary in scope and duration – are the same.

Receive Additional Professional Services

Our Professional Services team can guide you through the design and implementation process, providing input and expertise at any or all of the steps. Our experienced and highly trained consultants – many with backgrounds in facility scheduling, event management and meeting services – are eager to help you maximise the return on your investment in DeskFlex Software.

Built-in customisation with DeskFlex online scheduler!

We provide an innovative, easy-to-customise software that helps you increase productivity, maximise cost-saving and improve space utilisation. Allot the fields of our appointment scheduling software according to your needs. Get it installed by your IT team or our installation experts. Configure the software from time to time or let our consultants do it for you. Receive our professional services to implement the appointment booking software in your organisation.

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