Thermal Scanner and Mask Detection

DeskFlex software innovations introduce their temperature and mask detection feature. It provides facial biometric information upon entry in the building. It also includes the detection of a person’s body temperature and protective mask-wearing mechanism. The system automatically alerts the management when it detects elevated temperature and people not wearing protective masks.

Face Mask Monitoring

Body Temperature and Wearing of Face Mask Monitoring

The DeskFlex’s temperature and mask detection feature prevents the spread of infection in the workplace. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations need to place safety protocols. DeskFlex creates safe and secure premises by not allowing tagged individuals to enter the facility. Our software is suitable for highly densed industries such as the healthcare industry, education, enterprises, businesses, and government institutions.

Thermal Detection System

Door Way Interactive TV Screen

DeskFlex thermal scanner and mask detection system also comes with an interactive TV screen. The interactive TV screen displays information on whether the individual can proceed to enter or not. DeskFlex can detect elevated body temperature and uncovered faces. When any of the criteria is missing, DeskFlex denies him/her of entry. Moreover, it screens people using a camera sensor allowing a contactless user authentication.

Visitor Thermal detection

Visitor Management and Contact Tracing

In conjunction with DeskFlex’s visitor management software, the temperature and mask detection system automatically backs up visitor logs. It stores desk reservations and user information for contact tracing required in today’s environment. It keeps a record of all the individuals who come in contact with each other at a given time.

Lobby Kiosk Device