Status Board Display

Status board display is digital signage for large format screens to show status of cubicles, workspaces, meeting and conference rooms. After that, the display board makes it easy for everyone to see available spaces. Icon indicators help show which areas have whiteboards, telephones, projectors, and other devices they need to get the job done. 

Finding The Best Available Spaces

Status boards reveal important meeting details of the booked office facilities. Place one near the front lobby to guide people in finding the best available spaces for last-minute desk or meeting room booking.
Users can choose the details they want to show on the screen. Similarly, other members can access shareable links that open in their computers and handheld devices with no log in required.

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Fine Tuning Board Display Presentation

DeskFlex meeting room booking display screen lets users select what details they want the monitor to display to the public. Administrators can also choose specific status board displays located in different building floors or office locations to run the board presentations.

Users can access status board displays through DeskFlex’s web-based scheduling system or the mobile app. The details on the screen updates automatically every time there are changes in the reservations. Above all, employees can now locate where the meeting is happening and what department is currently holding a conference at what specific location.