Asset Management

Companies and organizations need to manage their assets to keep track of their inventory and equipment. Business assets may include computer sets, desks, office equipment such as projectors, copier machines, printers, tv monitors, and many more. Therefore, DeskFlex asset management system is a total office management software that helps companies track and monitor asset conditions and status.  

Real-Time Equipment Status Report

DeskFlex asset management software is a centralized system that allows organizations to keep track of the crucial details of each asset. After that, it can tell the details of the location, time, who has them, and if there were changes that took place. DeskFlex management solution displays an up-to-date status report and ensures that the company’s equipment will lead to higher revenues.

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Asset Inventory And Reservation

Using DeskFlex asset management software, users can manage their company equipment from different locations. After that, users can request office equipment along with their desks, cubicle, meeting room, or conference room booking.

Along with DeskFlex room booking reservations, users can also request: 

  1. a projector,
  2. laptops,
  3. conferencing telephone,
  4. tv monitors,
  5. speakers,
  6. and many more

The system sends an email notification to the designated person who will prepare and set-up the necessary equipment before the user or team checks in to their reserved schedule.