Our Industries


Field service representatives, support services professionals and commercial real estate executives can all benefit from the office hoteling software. DeskFlex office hoteling and resource scheduling software helps you better manage resources and space planning. DeskFlex offers solutions that meet your business needs to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve efficiency. DeskFlex office hoteling software offers the perfect balance between flexible scheduling and cost efficiency.


Starting an enterprise takes know how and risk taking. You can take some of the risks out of your venture by having a reliable and flexible scheduling system. DeskFlex gives you streamlined and easy to use software that lets your employees reserve their own workspace. Let DeskFlex take care of space planning and reservation management so you can focus on growing your business. We offer desktop, mobile, and kiosk reservations to best fit your employees and your enterprise.


Government groups often need to schedule meetings and provide flexible workspaces for various entities and employees. Governments are also often under pressure to work within tight budgets and use resources effectively. DeskFlex is both a cost effective and smart way to monitor the use of workspaces, conference rooms, and equipment. We help you to maximize your meeting spaces and scheduling.


DeskFlex helps higher education institutions to meet all of the scheduling needs of a multi-building, multi-campus environment and multi-classrooms. Colleges and universities, with the use of DeskFlex, can manage their campuses, classroom space, and dormitories. Set access levels to designate those who can make reservations, such as faculty and administration, and then share this information with other faculty or students.


The healthcare industry is growing and adapting to accommodate increasing patient loads because of a greater number of retirement age individuals. Medical centers need dependable and easily accessible facilities as they need to accommodate increasing patient loads. DeskFlex is customizable to meet the growing demands of healthcare centers by providing easy to use scheduling solutions to manage the use of exam rooms, operation rooms, conference rooms, private rooms and medical equipment.

Call Centers

Most small and large businesses have some employees resolving issues through direct contact with the client. It can be through phone, email, live chats or other ways. Improve the productivity of your customer support staff with our workforce scheduling software. Support your sales and technical staff by identifying their particular needs with our call center monitoring software. Our call center management software can help you achieve your goals quickly. Call us right away to learn more about DeskFlex software solutions.