Switch Development

Switch Development Overview

DeskFlex provides switch development services after partnering with all of the major providers of telephone systems. We ensure that your systems will integrate with DeskFlex products. Moreover, there is a 90-day warranty on our switch development services.


Environmental and cost benefits drive the popularity of hot-desking, as well as the flexible and dynamic culture it adds to a company. An ever-increasing number of American and Australian workplaces have embraced hot-desking. Essentially, the central idea is to give employees the ability to work wherever they feel most comfortable, practically shifting from a focus on team member presence to team member output.

Mobile Working

DeskFlex, Inc.’s exclusive reservation system facilitates the distribution of workspaces among multiple workers. Because mobile workers are not always at the office, they leave unoccupied desks. Developing a pool of resources and a booking system allow companies to reduce necessary office space expenses by reducing spaces for desks, workstations, conference rooms, and even parking areas. Thus, DeskFlex’s user-friendly website will enable workers to reserve the workstation easily. Additionally, it connects the particular telephone systems and directs calls to the specific worker on the desk.

How You Can Optimise Room Scheduling

With DeskFlex’s space reservation and managing software, we take care of maximising your office space so you can focus on offering excellent service to your customers. DeskFlex displays your company’s workspaces, so your mobile worker’s can reserve needed workspace optimising desks, rooms, and equipment.


Conveniently arranges meetings, workspaces, offices, and equipment from home.

Allows self-service reservations by all employees or/and customers to help decrease management expense, overhead, and costs.

Offers real-time graphics for creating and booking reservations, eliminating double booking.

Allows employees to check reservations without leaving their desks.

Makes one-time or repeating bookings for quick and efficient scheduling.

Allows mobile workers to book short-term workspace on an as-needed basis.

Maximizes the management and usage of corporate resources and solutions, including conference rooms, desks, and office equipment.

Eliminates booking confusion and double reservations.

Simplifies the allocation and administration of shared resources.

Why It Is cost-effective?

One of the most common problems of many companies is reducing overhead costs. By efficiently using work areas and other business resources, organizations can significantly save on utility, power, and real estate costs. Conventional paper-based reservation systems or insufficient people-based arranging programs often result in frustrating and confusing scheduling, double-bookings, and inadequate equipment usage, which costs companies time and money.


Fortunately, DeskFlex offers an efficient solution to allocate workspace, desks, conference rooms, and even parking spaces. Using our application, remote workers can self-distribute workplaces for the times they will be in the office.


Our innovative office management software makes it much easier for your business to adapt to a telecommuting team member’s working style, which in turn helps protect the environment and reduce travel expenses for your employees.