About Us

Our History

DeskFlex, created in 1993, is constantly building and innovating. DeskFlex has continued to evolve into the strong technological asset it is today. In 1993 we offered one of the first integrated MS Windows based programs for charity organizations under the same product name. DeskFlex Inc, established in Illinois, possesses and licenses DeskFlex software. We offer flexible and innovative software for office hoteling and scheduling of conference rooms, office workspaces, desks, and parking spaces.

Who We Are?

DeskFlex software presents a full package of reservation options including desk scheduling, room scheduling, shared workspaces, parking management, and equipment reservations. DeskFlex is the measuring stick used to measure other PMS systems. Comparing function to function, we consistently offer a superior hoteling software. We are the foremost service provider of office management systems to the independent and specialist hotel market.

Enterprise Solution

DeskFlex provides a considerately crafted user interface that creates a reliable guest-centric system. DeskFlex will run with most internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.


To improve the lives of entrepreneurs by providing easy to use, efficient, and performance driven hoteling and call center management software tools. We provide creative technology with the passion to motivate every client’s office and a commitment to make each day simpler.

Why Clients Choose DeskFlex

✔ Revolutionizes entrepreneur technology solutions.

✔ Features competitive and flexible functionality to help you make carefully guided decisions.

✔ Offers worldwide compatibility for an increasingly global workforce.

✔ Turns expenditures into well managed resources.

✔ Offers exclusive and customizable design.

✔ Produces a flexible and positive work environment.


Provide entrepreneurs with management resources that make business life easier. Maximize time and resources with smart technology. Schedule, assess and evaluate the efficient use of real estate and staff with powerful floor applications.

Product Values

We enjoy providing a product that is straight forward, easy to use, allows flexibility, and a practical value for the entrepreneur.

Our Promise

✔ DeskFlex identifies possible advantages and potential problems of your business’s hoteling system. We help you use our software to its best advantage for you. We are dedicated to streamlining the reservation process for your company life so you can best allocate your resources.

✔ DeskFlex accomplishes this by offering an award-winning application to assist our customers improve performance and revenue margins, as well as a frequently linking our clients to free assets and guidance.

✔ DeskFlex is best recognized for our business level hoteling and desk management software Total Office Manager. We have also developed the world’s best conference room and parking management applications. These integrated applications combine to deliver an instant return on your financial investment and improve your business.

Get More Work Done

DeskFlex facilitates multitasking. Create as many reservations as you need. Check-in a team while you check out other staff members. Send out confirmations of reservations and meetings. Cancel or reschedule reservations when necessary. Avoid double booking with the automatic conflict resolution feature.


DeskFlex was established in 1993 by a team of highly experienced hospitality IT professionals. Our first project was to develop new hospitality software products for DeskFlex, Illinois. We are now a small owner operated application development team who specializes in hoteling solutions for offices. We are positioning ourselves to become a major service provider of integrated software solutions.


Our focus is to give you technology that streamlines and optimizes your business. We specialize in tailoring and customizing our software to your specific needs. Our success depends on your company’s satisfaction with our company. We learn from each company we work with and improve our product to meet those needs. We are constantly innovating and improving our software to provide more value for our customers.


DeskFlex focuses on functional innovations. We offer the benefits of single server software available on the cloud. Our integrated software is also cost effective because it reduces investments in IT infrastructure. DeskFlex improves manageability, data visibility across departments and efficient operations company sustainability. The launch of mycloud HOSPITALITY is the latest in a string of technology and functional innovations from Prologic First. It is another integrated solution that includes package management software, point of sale software, channel management, a web booking engine and receivables available on a pay-for-use basis over the cloud.

Our Track Record

DeskFlex has a proven track record of offering high quality technical services to its community of about 1000 international customers. Clients include well known businesses, resort hotels, apartment companies, restaurants, catering companies, clubs, conference centers, attractions and theme parks. At DeskFlex we contract our products and services through regional offices and associates in each area where we have clients.