Check in and Check out

DeskFlex room scheduling system uses specially designed touchscreen devices where users can quickly explore of their room reservation program. When a user books a cubicle or desk, he can examine to the reservation when he arrives in the office by scanning the QR code in his DeskFlex mobile app on the meeting room contactless display screen. 

Microsoft Office 365 IntegrationCheck-In

DeskFlex’s state-of-the-art meeting room contactless room displays interface work with our Bluetooth beacons to provide users another option in desk booking and conference room reservations. The Bluetooth beacons nearby allow the devices to connect with it for view confirmation. The booked user can log in on the desk by scanning the QR code to the contactless display screen. Once he logs in, he is free to perform any action on the workspace.

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Check Out

Users can explore from their reservations using the contactless display screen. Even when the user forgets to check out through the QR code, the Bluetooth beacons considers it as check out when it finds a disconnection from the connected device.

Similarly, if the user does not check-in within 15 minutes, the facility-scheduling system automatically cancels the reservation, and the workspace opens up to other users. 

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Contactless Room Display

DeskFlex helps offices and organizations transition back to the office after the COVID lockdowns using the newest contactless room display. The contactless room display helps prevent the spread of infection in the workplace.

Users can now use their mobile devices to scan a QR code to log in to the meeting room or desk reservation. Users can also look over from the booking using the contactless room display sensors. The system will also automatically schedule a time for desk and meeting room sanitation after continuous reservations. You can see your status on your mobile.