Key Features

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Quick & Easy Check-In

Immediate check-in and checkout each takes less than 8 seconds. Advance Reservations take only a few seconds more. Upon guest’s check-in and checkout, the front desk staff can easily check the details from the main dashboard. The staff can also search for guest information by name, invoice number, room type etc. In addition, easily generate a split screen for multiple rooms and an individual screen for a single room. 

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Point & Click Floor Maps

Desks that are available are identified by green dots. Those that are in use are identified by red. Just click or touch* a green dot to select your desk.

PBX Interaction

Web Browser And Local Kiosk Access

A DeskFlex kiosk(s) makes it easy to select, from your office, a desk near a coworker or in your preferred workspace. Another option is to reserve a desk through the company intranet from your home. You can also locate coworkers through DeskFlex to collaborate together.

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Real-Time Synchronized Work Station

Maximise your office space so you use all of your available real-estate. If you have 100 work spaces, allocate them so that your entire staff can reserve those work stations when needed whether traveling or telecommuting. Employees can check in real-time reservation status to ensure they have an area to work in, place to park, and phone or other needed equipment to use. 

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Advance Reservations

Staff can easily choose and reserve workspaces ahead of time for a particular date or range of dates. DeskFlex also allows you to set aside blocks of rooms at special rates for affiliated businesses, group bookings or special events. Set up inventory return dates so staff knows when to return any equipment. And the unused equipment can be returned automatically.  

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Group Booking & Guest Communication

Easily manage group bookings through a streamlined interface and apply group rules to match any billing or payment scenario. Send pre and post stay automated messages to inform and entice your guests. Reserve, block, hold or cancel rooms in one click. Take deposits and payments simply. Set alerts to avoid any errors when checking in or out guests.  

Occupancy Reports

Management reports allow accurate measures of occupancy in total or by type of desk so the total number or mix of desks can be adjusted to meet client demand and save more real estate expense in future months. Generate invoices and settlements with DeskFlex. These are printable and are conveniently grouped together for different customers.

Meeting/Conference Room Scheduling

Our product provides a streamlined method to organize and manage the scheduling of office space, conference rooms, and office equipment. Our conference room booking system offer you customization versatility. Any user can easily make reservations via your organisation’s intranet or a kiosk. Imagine, for example that your organisation has 10 meeting rooms available. Users view room availability and make bookings from their desks, or even from home. DeskFlex can be customised to work for publicly shared clubs, universities, or libraries where rooms need to be reserved in advance.

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Outlook® Scheduling

Organising a meeting or event can be challenging enough, but getting people to the event can sometimes be just as difficult. Rather than send out mass emails, many organisations and companies are turning to online calendars to reach staff easily. Online calendars let event planners determine the best time to schedule an event. DeskFlex integrates with Outlook calendaring to make scheduling and reservations easy. 

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User Profiles

Overlapping and double booking can be frustrating, but with DeskFlex users can see other employees within the company. DeskFlex integration simplifies scheduling and reserving space and equipment. You can, directly from Outlook, create, modify, view and cancel reservations all with just a simple click of your mouse. Coordinate your schedule with others as well.