Room Display Touchscreens

Introducing DeskFlex Room Display Touchscreens

DeskFlex Room Display Touchscreens are the latest innovation in conference room booking. The ease of use and versatility make office room management simple. These display touchscreens are clear in instructions and will help keep the organisation in the office. Their versatility makes them great for managing conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, training, and operating rooms. The Room Display touchscreen provides clear notification of the room’s vacancy or reservations.

Book Now

Your users can view upcoming meetings for that space and even book the room on the touchscreen.

Check-in and Check Out

The check-in and check out feature helps to maintain that the reservations are used. The Touchscreens also include an Auto-Cancellation option. If the user does not check-in within 15 minutes, the reservation is automatically cancelled and the room opens up to other users.

Additional Features

✔ Wall mount options for both glass and drywall.

✔ The touch screen features a stylistic LED lighting which shows different room availability colors on the top and sides. Green Indicates vacancy and Red indicates it is reserved.

✔ The touchscreen is powered by RJ45 with standard power adapter (12 ~24V DC in) or Power over Ethernet (PoE). For places with no power outlets, you can run a PoE cable to the unit if you have the appropriate switch.

✔ Connects to the internet via WiFi.

✔ Available in Black & White casing.

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