Office Hoteling

Considering Employee Concerns about Office Hoteling

Office Hoteling Concerns

When an organization begins using office hoteling software, there is often a sense of excitement. People look forward to a more flexible work environment, better use of space, and savings. However, that excitement often wanes in the face of practical concerns. The benefits of the software are innumerable, but it’s important that you consider it from the employees’ point of view. Here are some common concerns about office hoteling:


Where will I Sit?

While you might be thinking about how much work each employee can do with a flex commuting arrangement, your employee might be caught up worrying about whether or not they can get a desk. Are there enough seats for every employee who wants to telecommute on a given day? Are the seats comfortable? The desk space adequate? Regardless of whether or not the concerns are justified, it’s still a possible anxiety you should keep an eye on.


How Big Will My Workspace Be?

When you are allotting space for each desk and meeting area, you have to find a balance between space efficiency and breathing room. Keep people’s personal space in mind—nobody likes being smashed together with co-workers all day!


How Much Storage Space Will I Have?

Employees may be used to carrying a laptop or mobile device back and forth to work, but important paperwork, projects, displays, or office supplies often need a space in the office. Do you have lockable filing cabinets or storage units? Do you provide a place for employees to hang a coat or store clothes they might commute to work in? Consider your employee’s needs, and keep them in mind during the transition.


Will there be adequate light? How quiet is it at the office?

These may seem like minor concerns at first, but throughout the workday, light and noise can become a major concern. Some desks may get too much glare while others end up stuck in a shadowy corner. The sounds of loud conversations, office equipment, and foot traffic can be distracting. Consider each desk equally important. Ask yourself: would I want to work at this desk?


Is there private meeting space?

An open floor plan may seem like a great way to put lots of desks in, but you definitely sacrifice privacy. Sometimes, things will need to be discussed without everybody listening. Private talks, meetings, and client conversations may need to be kept confidential. Make sure you have space for employees to speak privately.

Setting up an office hoteling system is a great way to keep things functional, but looking out for your employees during the transition is important.

Discuss concerns with employees, get their input, and try different ways to organize your space. Experiment—try using movable desks and dividers, and ask people how they feel about the new setup. Remember: efficiency is a great thing. Just don’t let it get in the way of your employees’ happiness. 

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