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DeskFlex The Unique Hoteling Software For Greater Data Control

Sep 6

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The clients and their experiences have always been the most vital aspect to the hotel industry. Currently, they have a number of tools that facilitate the measurement, for example, the installation of hoteling software on the one hand allows the hotel to have the greatest possible control over every aspect to make this experience better, and on the other hand provides the possibility of a more comprehensive control in the operation of the hotel itself, which seems essential and useful nowadays.

What circumstances caused this need?

Some of the most important aspects to be controlled with hoteling software are:

Income: Maintaining a high occupancy as possible throughout the year is essential to gather revenues. Both sales and marketing efforts and customer service must be adjusted continuously.


Cost control: You must be aware at all times that the invoices are loaded correctly. On the other hand, inventories must be properly updated, from stationery to bedding or minibar service in the rooms. They must be controlled properly because there is always possibility of theft. 


Customer satisfaction: Customer is always right. You must be able to resolve their complaints and solve their problems as soon as possible.


Cleaning: The state of perfect cleanliness in all rooms of your hotel is another fundamental aspect. However, it is not enough to focus only on the rooms. Cleaning is also essential for public and transit areas. The cleaning staff should be inspected periodically, even if you already know that they are doing their job properly.


Why hoteling software is a good choice for a more organized control?

As great team is the base for building a business successful, in the same way the organization and management of the team and business through systems like hoteling software is very important.

Currently, many hotels have independent software solutions. What causes inconvenience in this situation? For example, your system does not allow you traceability among the possible complaint made (survey software), the client (PMS) and the concierge (software maintenance). On the other hand, it does not allow you to identify who has complained (survey software) in relation to the type of customer (database in the PMS and / or CRM) that is, if this is a regular customer, VIP, confrontational, etc., or if this is good / bad payer (accounting and billing software). Nor can we do a thorough and effective monitoring of whether any problems that have arisen have been fixed and communicated to the client before a likely second satisfaction survey. All these problems are magnified even greater right now. Usually, each different software is usually in conflict with another to better defend its position once implemented.

Faced with this problem, DeskFlex has designed its software "DeskFlex Hoteling Software", which aims to control all these aspects mentioned above from a single software because it has integrated modules including PMS, accounting, billing, Housekeeping and external modules such as POS. 

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