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Room Booking Software and Hot-Desking Employees

Companies that utilize room booking software often do so to save space, creating a Hot Desking environment, the latest trend in office culture. Hot Desking allows employees to choose their seating for the day, without having to be tied down to an assigned space. This requires constant moving between various spaces. With staff moving every day, cluttered spaces can become an issue.

Because hot desking keeps coworkers from having a permanent seat, it also removes the security of having a space for workers to leave personal things. For example, employees can’t leave a phone charger at their desk for fear of forgetting and thus losing it. When it comes to hot desking, organization is key for workers. But how can you keep organized while constantly moving? Here are some tips.


Utilize the Garbage Can

Every desk has a trash can, so use it! The best way to stay organized is to de-clutter. Get rid of unnecessary papers, receipts, even emails. De-cluttering your office space will help you stay more organized when you move each day.


Create an Ending Routine

At the end of the day do a mental checklist. As you pack up your desk, touch each item so that you know it’s there. Or write down what you use during the day so you can remember what needs to come back with you. At the end of the day you can then easily pack up and head home. It will put your mind at ease not having to search your bag while outside your car, only to realize your keys are still inside. Checklist apps are also available to help.


A Work Bag

A good work bag can be your best friend in the office. It needs to have enough space for everything you’ll need as well as be comfortable. Backpacks are a classic addition to the workplace. Laptop bags are also great because of their designated protection for the laptop. Briefcases on the other hand; briefcases and attachés are finding themselves obsolete. Their hard cases make them bulky, ineffective for space and can be hazardous for your gadgets.



An old school feature that has been heard from teachers time and time again: put papers in folders to keep them organized. Not only does this way optimize organization, it also makes mobility easy.


Outlet Strip

This would depend on your office layout. If your regular space does not offer multiple outlets, consider bringing your own. You will most likely have many things to plug in: phone and laptop chargers, for example. Consider one with built in USB ports for ease.


Comfort Items

Some offices are really cold, so you may want to bring a sweater or a blanket. Or perhaps you have a picture you want on your desk. Having your favorite coffee mug with you, a good chair to sit on, or being able to listen to your music while you work; the most important part of your space is that you are comfortable. And you have access to all the amenities that make you comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you’re productive.


While room booking software has many benefits for companies, it can cause headaches for employees who like to have permanent workspaces. Use these tips to help you stay organized and sane in a hot-desking environment. 

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