How DeskFlex Can Help Businesses Manage Resources More Effectively

The modern workplace is rapidly changing. With rising costs of office spaces and an increasingly mobile workforce, space optimization has become the name of the game.
DeskFlex is an office space hoteling software that ensures businesses utilize each desk to the fullest. The online reservation software helps employers and managers reserve, book, and monitor space and equipment for a specific amount of time.
Here are some other features of their offering:


Fast and Easy Check-In  

The software allows people to quickly check in and check out. In fact, it takes just around 8 seconds.
It has a comprehensive dashboard where guest can check details of their bookings and reservation.
The staff can also look for specific information, such as name of the guest or room type he/she has chosen.


Web Browser and Local Kiosk Access

This feature offered by DeskFlex allows users to select and book office space or resource online. This means that users can make reservations from the comforts of their homes. The simple and easy web interface adds to the user experience.


Real-Time Synchronized Work Space

DeskFlex offers complete, real-time control to employers. This means that at any point, they can access our software and see what resources are being used and which ones are available. The real-time feature also allows employees to see availability at any particular point in time. This enhances the functioning of your shared office space.


Advanced Reservations

Our online software also allows users to make advanced reservations. From providing status on future availability of rooms to offering special offers to frequent users, our software provides incredible options. Moreover, you can also set up return dates and send automatic reminders to employees so that the resources are available when other employees need them.


Effective Floor Maps 

DeskFlex provides users floor maps of your location. To make things easier, spaces or resources that are taken are marked red; whereas, those that are not taken are marked as green. This gives users a clear idea.


Occupancy Reports

DeskFlex is smart. It allows you to manage resources more efficiently by generating reports.
From the total number of desks used and by whom, to generating invoices—it can provide you a complete picture.
The reports it generates can be easily printed and can be categorized based on user types. This ensures that you are ahead in the game.
If you are looking for reliable workspace hoteling software, DeskFlex can be just the right choice. Created in 1993, the software has established itself as a technological asset. Contact us to know more.  

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