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A must have office management tool: Room scheduling software

Even though how we work might change in the coming months – no thanks to the ongoing pandemic! – one reality in our workplaces will remain constant: There will be a greater emphasis for supervisors and office administrators to better manage our workplaces. Social distancing, flexible working hours, and desk and cubicle sharing will be a given. 

Implementing a feature-rich room scheduling software, to support staff and office managers, is a great way of optimizing workspaces. 

Bringing efficiency to workplace management

Even prior to the “new reality” (which is the post-COVID paradigm) of workspace management set in, the management of workspace had always been an area full of promise and potential. But powerful desk and cubicle planning and management software, from workspace scheduling, office hoteling and room booking software specialist DeskFlex, have provided office administrators the tools required to tap into that potential. 

Assigning rooms, desks and cubicles to permanent staff may not be a significant challenge today. However, in the new paradigm, where flexible work schedules will be the norm, and rotating seats and shared desks and cubicles will be taken for granted, assigned seat software and other workplace management tools are an imperative. 

Tools to bring efficiency into room scheduling

So, what tools are available to bring efficiency into room scheduling and assigned seat management?

1) There are tools available, like Room Booking software, which make managing the scheduling of office space, conference rooms, and office equipment simple and stress-free. The system can schedule a wide array of workspaces, including assigned cubicles, meeting rooms and other shared spaces

2) Room Scheduling software deliver a user-friendly, effortless and affordable way to make your workspace more efficient. Through an easy to use, well-organized interface, the software lets staff reserve rooms, and other workplace assets, ahead of time. This provide assurances to staff, especially those who typically don’t work from the office, that suitable workspace awaits them when they show up for work

3) And then, to reduce the amount of “detective work” staff must do to check for desk and workstation availability (Who sits here? Are they in today? Is this cubicle reserved? When will it be free?), there’s FlexCube.   

4) Place these Wi-Fi enabled, LED-emitting devices on desks, atop workstations or mount them on cubicles, and they’ll provide an instant reckoner of a workplace asset’s status: Green (available), Red (reserved), Blue (assigned to a permanent user), Yellow (free in 30 minutes). Staff will never gain waste precious time scavenging for workspace. They’ll just head to the nearest Green FlexCube, and carry on instantaneously with their productive day! 

Add order to potential chaos 

As staff transition back to the “new” office, things won’t be the same as before. Business as usual is a thing of the past. In those circumstances, it’s understandable how disorder and confusion might prevail. And, in organizations that implement flex working or work-sharing programs. Such uncertainty is often the source of a prolonged drag on staff productivity. Having a well-tested room scheduling software is the best way to bring order and efficiency to a potentially chaotic situation. 

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