The need of the hour: Intelligent office allocation space software

Office-goers are in for some great news over the coming weeks and months: More and more employers will begin opening their workspaces so that workers may return to work. But the allocated spaces that employees once used might not look or feel the same. New social distancing and workplace hygiene rules will likely change desk, cubicle, and other workspace allocation protocols.

Intelligent office allocation space software is the only way to avoid chaos and confusion to follow!

Dealing with workplace space allocation changes

Reopening workspaces and resuming “normal” working schedules is a huge challenge for employers. In many respects, it may even be the challenge of a lifetime. But there’s lots at stake here. 

The gradual inflow of staff back to work will leave many employees working from home. Many team members, who may still prefer working remotely than braving in-person contact with colleagues at the office, could be infrequent visitors to their old workplace. And then, HR managers may reallocate or re-purpose permanent desks and cubicles from the previous office layout, to conform to corporate physical distancing policies. 

So, what’s at stake? Workforce productivity. Team member’s mental and psychological well-being. Occupational health and safety compliance…and more. Revamping workspace use requires intelligent allocation of limited workplace assets. It’s something managers can’t do without the help of workspace management software.

Bringing intelligence to workspace scheduling

Workspace is a finite product, and employers strive to use it best. On the other hand, staff have a genuine concern about their safety and well-being while at the office. Both are equally important factors that make organizations work harmoniously. But they each require intelligent decision-making to solve. 

With the DeskFlex Room Booking System, both those imperatives are addressed through powerful yet intelligent workspace scheduling and allocation features.   The tool delivers a streamlined process to workplace managers and facility administrators to organize and manage office space scheduling and workspace allocation.  

desk booking software

The intelligence-driven software empowers employees, who may be visiting the office on an occasional basis, to log-in remotely – via the corporate intranet – and choose the most appropriate workspace that fits their needs. This means, there’ll be no wasted time scouring for desks, cubicles and workstations once they arrive at the office. It’s all taken care of before they leave home. An immediate productivity booster!

Integrated workspace allocation intelligence 

DeskFlex also drives the intelligent allocation of office resources by integrating its office allocation space software with corporate communication tools, like Microsoft Exchange, MS Outlook and Active Directory. This enables employees and managers, looking for meeting spaces, conference rooms and desks across the organization, to synchronize their search with personal profiles of each employee. This puts only available resources up for allocation – yet another time-saving feature that makes returning to work less stressful and more efficient! 

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