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Meeting Room Booking Software: Top 3 Problems Of Doing Things The Old Way

Business owners rely on meetings to plan projects and allocate workloads for managers and employees. Meetings are an essential part of any business, but what isn’t essential is spending time arranging them. Meeting room booking software allows you to cut down on the time spent arranging meetings by scheduling them based on availability. 

Logistical problems in the workforce arise from a lack of room booking software – problems that can reflect in the worker productivity. This guide will focus on the top 4 problems of not using meeting room software for your business.

These, and a whole slew of other complex questions, need a different approach to assigning desks and cubicles in the workspace. And that’s why forward-looking organizations are looking to automate this critical aspect of workplace life. 

Studies have shown that employees spend as much as 50% of the time required to hold a meeting actually arranging the meeting. For instance, if the meeting lasts 40 minutes, it will take employees at least 20 minutes to arrange the meeting and make sure the room is available. The problems of meeting booking affect businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to corporations. The following are the main problems of meeting room arrangement:

  • Time wasted.
  • Logistical errors.
  • Project delays.
  • Inefficient use of space.

Meeting Room Booking Software Matters

In the past, managers would have to manually approve meetings by consulting with employees, higher-ups, and other staff to free up the room and schedule the meeting. They had to scan files, send emails, and wait for permission by the boss.

These days, meeting arrangement is streamlined on the cloud and employees can arrange meetings in only a few clicks. Meeting room management software such as DeskFlex makes this easy. The software eliminates all potential problems such as time wasted, logistical errors, project delays, and space usage problems.

Problem #1) Time Wasted

There is nothing more damaging to productivity in the business than wasted time. The studies indicate that employees spend a lot of time consulting with each other if they don’t have ready-made software to book meetings. The lack of booking software reduces employee’s ability to be productive because they spend time arranging the meeting rather than working.

  • The lack of booking software reduces employee’s ability to be productive because they spend time arranging the meeting rather than working.

If you rely on outdated paper-booking methods, spreadsheets, and other such tools – you’ll significantly increase the workload of your administrative staff. The manual arrangement is a productivity killer like no other.

Problem #2) Logistical Errors

There are many logistical errors that pop up when you don’t have software that can keep track of room availability and employee presence for each room. This is especially pronounced in large organizations that have multi-floor offices with dozens of buildings. 

Example: Employees have to manually arrange which meeting rooms they’ll use at what time, gain permission, invite attendees, register visitors, and keep track of attendants.

This leaves room for errors because the information is not readily available and it leads to cancellations due to synchronization issues. What’s more, cancellations aren’t immediately sent out to the team which leads to other communication issues. You may even end up with over-booked meetings that can’t house all employees.

Problem #3) Project Delays

If your organization lacks a centralized system that gives employees and managers an overview of all rooms, attendees, ongoing meetings, organizers, etc, you will have to rely on memory to get things done in the office. This not only leads to logistical mistakes, but it can also lead to project delays that lower morale in the work environment. It can also harm your client’s perception if clients arrive for a meeting and the meetings don’t start on time.

How To Solve Them: Meeting Room Booking Software

The solution to all problems in the workplace is to use meeting room booking software. If you want to have a centralized system that is customized to your business. And allows all employees to interconnect with each other, you’re going to benefit greatly from this kind of software. Booking software streamlines the meeting process. And gives you a complete overview of all ongoing meetings with employees in the room.

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