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5 Ways Office Hoteling System Can Help In Preserving the Natural Environment

Office hoteling is an excellent workplace management strategy that benefits both employers and employees. But what if we told you that it could be good for the environment too. Yes! Read on to find out more.

Climate change is affecting every one of us. We can feel it with extra hot days, unusual weather, or fluctuating climate. Did you know that the earth’s climate change issue will reach its deadline in 2030? Yes, and eight years to go, scientists expect the world will experience massive environmental changes due to global warming. There are millions of ways people’s activities add up to global warming. One of these factors is the carbon footprint. We all know that the earth holds billions of living things, and each of them emits carbon dioxide. According to the Paris Agreement on climate change, country leaders should be aggressive to meet the 50% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030. If not vigorously done, we might lose our mother earth.

One might think, how can I help and make a difference to the urgent call in rescuing our only planet? As a company leader, you can follow significant steps to make your organization more environmentally friendly. Additionally, you can also allow your team members to contribute to this vital campaign. How? You can start by adopting green strategies and implement office hoteling system in your workplace. For hybrid companies, going green is easier as half of the workforce population is staying at home. But are they on track to meet the deadline? Are they aware that their company also has obligations to do their part? Every company can, especially when they know what to do, and they have the right tools to help them execute this plan.

What is office hoteling?

This office management system serves as an effective return-to-work strategy for many organizations. It enables users to manage conference rooms and resources most efficiently.

Furthermore, it expedites the scheduling process, from finding a meeting room to booking equipment. With all the benefits it can offer, how can this system help you protect the environment?

Read on to find out how this software can be your buddy in going green.

How can desk hoteling software help?

This innovation is undeniably beneficial for office space management purposes. It helps you determine the spaces you need and make the most of them. Today, many company leaders recognize its ability to reduce your expenses and cut off the pollutants your activities are possibly making.

Reduce the use of paper when booking a meeting

Usually, when organizing a meeting, you need plenty of paper to list the plan, meeting attendees, meeting minutes, attendance, etc. After that, those papers will go to the shredder or directly to the trash can. Imagine how many trees were cut to make those sheets. When you use office hoteling setup to set a session, you only need a few pages. From booking a room to the post-meeting data record, the software will cover that for you. It allows you to minimize resources while ensuring you will get that conference done successfully.

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Lowers electricity costs by avoiding unattended meeting rooms

No-shows and multiple room booking are notorious in many companies. These cases occurred when the meeting organizer didn’t show up, and they booked more than one room to secure a place, respectively. It often leads to more electricity consumption and more expenses for the company. These issues can affect the company in many aspects. But eliminating them is not impossible.

With office hoteling setup, unattended rooms will automatically free up after 15 mins. It will allow the following users to use the room, or if not, the maintenance personnel can turn off the aircon and lights. Therefore, you can save a tremendous amount of utility costs while maximizing your assets.

A perfect tool for dynamic scheduling of employees

Undoubtedly, the presence of people is the highest contributor to global warming. Your employees and their activities produce carbon footprints. For example, people are using cars and buses to get to their office every day. And, of course, more people, more carbon dioxide an organization produces.

Fortunately, many companies implement alternate scheduling for their employees, especially when the pandemic starts. This scheduling way means only a group of employees will work at the office on a given day or week.

Employees will not get confused about who to work in the office because they will get notified about their schedule. They can receive those reminders with their hoteling app on their mobile phones. Using the same mobile application, they can also book a workspace even before they arrive at the office in their turn.


Saves resources by avoiding human errors

As a human, it is acceptable to make mistakes. However, it can harm your company’s processes, cost you money, and be bad for the environment. For example, your team member has informed the meeting attendees with the wrong details. Chances are, they will attend a conference with the wrong date or time instead of doing their tasks.

Working from home, team members will go to the meeting place, which will produce more carbon footprint that day. As time is valuable to any company, hours wasted on the wrong appointment also mean loss of money.

Teams who use desk booking software have zero chance of making mistakes when informing their attendees about the meeting details.

Provides real-time reports and analytics

Now more than ever, businesses find most of their workspaces underutilized because of the recent work change. More than half of their desks and rooms are not serving their purposes. While fewer people in an office can be good for the planet, a vacant workplace can be a sore to the eye.

Many company leaders are reducing their real estate and spare only the desks and rooms that they need. But this decision requires forethought, especially for organizations that use a hybrid working model.

Before eliminating some of their workspaces, they should know how many employees go to the office each day. This way, they will ensure that everybody has a place to render their workday.

Fortunately, room booking software will help you get the accurate details for that. The software records each desk and room reservation, how many times people used them, and the specific days. With precise and complete information, you can decide which areas you need to remove. It also means that your electricity and other resources consumption will decrease.


Hoteling System Can Help In Saving The Environment

We only got one earth, and it requires most of us to take action to save it. Time flies, and we are running out of time. Country leaders should act as soon as possible because before we know it, we are already in 2030.

The icebergs in Antarctica are melting, and global warming is getting worse. Everyone should do their part before it’s too late. For bustling companies, they don’t need to change their way to create an impact. Many of them are starting their journey to going green. But, it is better if they could benefit from it too. Hoteling system target those two benefits.

Are you thinking of optimizing your workplace for the benefit of going green? Now is the time!

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