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Reservation Management: Streamlining Desk Booking with Hoteling Software

Hoteling software simplifies desk booking and reservation management in modern workplaces. It allows businesses to monitor and manage desk occupancy and availability in real time. A common way to incorporate this software is through a desk booking kiosk.


Manage and Schedule With Ease Through A Hoteling Software

The automated kiosk system in the lobby makes it easy for employees and guests to reserve desk space with only a few taps of the screen. With the help of hoteling software, it streamlines keeping track of employees, their desk assignments, and arrival and departure times. Furthermore, having office hoteling software can offer several advantages besides a lobby kiosk system.


#1. Max Out Available Means

An essential contribution of hoteling software to any office or organization is its ability to track and manage available and occupied means for users. You can utilize all your resources for an office and max out any public office, desks, conference rooms, and all amenities. Stop stressing over scheduling clashes, multiple reservations, and other issues.


#.2 Dependable Resource Management System

The best thing about having a booking kiosk online system is its organization and ability to schedule an ordered room without the risk of human error. You can easily view the occupied tables, spaces, and all the amenities an office offers. Booking ahead of time and canceling your schedule is also accessible through an application provided by your software provider. As a result, employees and visitors have a clear view of what you can deliver to their table.


#3. Optimized Communication Processes

Building rapport with guests, resolving issues, and providing a pleasant overall customer experience all require excellent communication skills, which are especially valuable in the hospitality sector.


Streamlining two-way communication from booking software is urgent as it automatically gets seen on the application. Users can quickly scan from their applications available spaces and cancel their bookings if there’s a change of heart. You can also include the specifics like the date and time you want to reserve the space and for how long your occupancy is of the area.


#4. Heightened Security Protocols

From a booking kiosk, online applications for bookings, and online payments, hoteling software for offices can also safeguard every visitor and user of space, office, and area through heightened security protocols. You can ensure that data online are confidential with encryptions, avoiding possible identity theft, hijacking, and other online threats. Encryptions are vital to secure data online while having the best booking automation experience.


#5. Seamless Various Tool Integrations

For a company with several services offered, you may need to utilize various tools for managing, tracking, and streamlining communication channels for your employees. In this case, hoteling software allows you to integrate several devices, like Outlook, Google Calendar, MS Exchange, and more.


For instance, DeskFlex is a highly advancing hoteling software that enables the use of MS Exchange for a straightforward scheduling and reservation process. It even offers a 3D floor map of a building for a comprehensive view of the amenities you can offer.


Drawbacks of Hoteling Software: Things To Keep In Mind

Hoteling software, as mentioned above, has many benefits to offer to any industry that requires its aid. However, a lobby kiosk run by a software system, like any other technology, has drawbacks and limitations when not set up right.

With that at stake, you should understand and learn about these drawbacks to pivot your way around them and use your software integration best.


#1. Dependence on Internet Connectivity

Due to the apparent reason that some software does not function without an internet connection, its use might have limits if disconnected. Guests and employees may become irritated if the software fails because of a poor or inconsistent internet connection.


It might be off-putting since booking and scheduling require Internet access to secure your spot; ensure you can at least look at the occupied and vacant areas without Internet. You can avoid this by integrating software that allows offline use, thus giving users the ability to access your servers without using the Internet.


#2. Limited Functionality

Consider software that allows you to customize and integrate it into your office before you purchase. You might consider this a disadvantage if you provide more than one service and have software you cannot customize using various tools.


It can get disorganized if the software cannot connect to other devices you need for easier work management processes. There are also software providers that offer barely a system but also a fundamental tool, equipment, and even devices for an extensive management system, depending on your demand.


#3. Integration Issues

Existing software systems can be challenging to integrate with hotel management software. If you want everything to function together without hiccups, you may need to bring in an expert. Avoid doing everything yourself, and consider paying an expert to do the job for you if you want to seamlessly integrate the tools your system needs. Reliable experts from renowned software providers know your business requirements.


#4. Unsettling Sanitation Concerns

On-site concerns from employees and guests are also sanitation concerns, especially with Covid-19 still present. The great thing about reliable management software like DeskFlex is that it has a Social Distancing Feature to adhere to Covid-19 protocols, making on-site employees feel safe in their working environment. Through this, your system can track those needing check-ups and hold them accountable if they leave the premises with sanitary precautions. You can also monitor the previous occupants in space or desks and track their health from temperature and sicknesses like common colds, coughs, and more.


The Takeaway

Understanding the advantages of booking management using office space software can help you improve your work environment. This software provides a visual layout of your space, making it simple to promote available areas and desks daily. Being aware of potential downsides allows you to address them proactively, ensuring a smooth and error-free implementation.


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