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Office Hoteling best Practices and Etiquette Every Organization Should Know About

Many people are now working in flexible workspaces through hoteling. Companies and organizations consider implementing best practices and etiquette to make this working style more efficient and long-term. These are essential, especially in hybrid workplaces, as they empower team members while improving space and resource management.


Adding a well-established, feature-rich hotelling software makes the entire process seamless and efficient. It also includes numerous benefits, such as:


  • Better team member experience in terms of personal choice, peace of mind, and flexibility
  • An easy post-pandemic transition from remote to on-site setup because it supports a variety of hybrid workplace models
  • Improved space management with determining where each team members seats or works for the day
  • No overcrowding because the regime can control how many employees can be in the office at a time.

The Best Practices No One Should Ignore


How companies go about implementing their work arrangement can be a make or break for their success. Here are the best practices that facility managers can follow to guarantee hoteling is right from the start.


  • Communicate and Brief Team Members of the Guidelines and Etiquette Before the Transition

Like all kinds of office changes, preparing your team members and supporting them during the adjustment is critical. Communicate clearly and more often before you finally make the transition.


Of course, you want to ensure that everyone sets the right expectations regarding space and design by office hoteling best practices software and proper usage. If you have specific policies, inform every one of their obligations in using the area responsibly.


  • Provide Different Furniture and Layouts

The ideal setup for this type of work environment offers team members different flexible workspaces. Through it, they can reserve the style that best fits their needs for each day. 

It is vital to have an acceptable range of appropriate furniture and layouts as members would appreciate ergonomics they can switch between throughout the day. Also, if they have access to a quiet room for concentration and a larger one for collaboration, they’ll be at their most productive.


  • Decide on a Solid Hoteling Software for Your Team

Choosing the right system to help you with the transition is one critical part you should pay attention to. It should include functions like:-


  • Navigation Directory: This helps team members know where to find the space that they booked. Even though they have never been in the office before, or the layout changed since the last time they went there, they will still be able to find their space quickly. Besides that, a visual directory also modernizes and improves the booking process as team members can review each space’s location and feature before booking.
  • Mobile capabilities: The entire essence of flexible working is it fits the bill for a mobile workforce. People prefer work technology and tools to keep pace with their everyday lives. A hoteling app is accessible through the palm of their hands shows that team members can conveniently reserve necessary spaces and resources while on the move.
  • Integration with MS Outlook: The office can operate smoothly and hassle-free if everything the team needs is in one familiar platform. Through software that integrates into your pre-existing system, you can optimize team member experience while keeping things easy and efficient.
  • Create Interactive Floor Plans to Maximize and Enhance Benefits

Although visual directories are helpful for team members in finding their space, using interactive floor plans offers several additional benefits.


  • Team members can easily connect with their teammates because they can view where everyone sits.
  • Those who want to pull together a quick team collaboration can instantly check which areas are available for them with just a few clicks or taps.
  • Users can drop pins to find their colleagues or request services and supplies they need.
  • Balance Your Office Setup with the Right Hoteling Software

Successful hoteling model deliberated hybrid working tools that sustain an utterly flexible work environment for team members while helping them become productive. Cloud-based tools facilitate easy collaboration and version control for teams to work anytime and anywhere. 


Similarly, the right tools will help the facility manager successfully oversee and plan the hybrid workspace.


office hoteling etiquette


Proper Etiquette Makes You a Good User!


Essential to the success of office hoteling is creating and executing specific rules for your team members. Setting clear expectations and etiquette is necessary if you want everyone to know their responsibilities and keep things smooth. Here are the five ground rules every organization should observe:


  • Reserve Only What You Need

Some users may tend to hedge their favorites and reserve multiple options if they aren’t sure what they exactly need yet. This habit prevents others from occupying booked space that’s sitting idle. Additionally, it can also affect the space usage data reliability and result in unnecessary tasks and services like cleaning and sanitizing unused desks.


Specific custom programming services for related software can mitigate this problem. If users know that they can always see available and open spaces in a matter of seconds, they are more likely to adhere to this policy and trust that the system works.


  • Be As Quiet and Decent As Possible

One of the most considerable downsides of a flexible work setup is noise disruption. Thus, team members should consider their tasks for the day before making a reservation. If your space offers a variety of options, they can choose to book into quiet zones for concentration or a conference room for collaborations.


  • Respect Each Other’s Privacy

Just like how everyone should be mindful of noise, they should also remember that some tasks require privacy and protection of personal information. Team members preparing personal profiles, reviewing resumes, or processing HR documents should work privately. With room utilization software, you can emphasize these areas for specific tasks. And then, you can create a particular guideline so your team will know when to book them.


  • Make a Combination of Space Selection Daily

Flexibility is one main benefit of this type of work setup, and the whole process of team members destabilizes it if they book the same desk and stay there all day, every day. Locker and other storage areas help keep personal belongings and ease their transition away from the professed need for a permanent space.

Team members also need to explore and discover different spaces. The right office hoteling practicing software and the suitable variety to choose from will make this convenient and fast.


  • CLAYGO: Clean as You Go

If you book a hotel and find it untidy when you check in, you sure would not come back to that place. The same goes for office hoteling. Users must be confident in terms of cleanliness to embrace and adopt the work arrangement fully. To make this possible, each member should ensure that desks and spaces are ready for the following user. Thus, they must clean up after themselves.


Relaying and emphasizing the clean desk policy is vital in this work setup. Stress out the collective responsibility that all users share in making an ideal and hygienic office for everybody.

Office hoteling is an ideal flexible work arrangement for companies and organizations embracing the hybrid work model. By adhering to the practices and etiquette discussed above, everyone will have the best hoteling experience.


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