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DeskFlex's Anti-COVID Features: Bluetooth Beacons

The Coronavirus left the offices empty, malls ghostly, and businesses closed down. As companies worldwide plan the best way to reopen their offices, they hope that technology can help in the transition when employees return to the workplace. Making the offices safe for returning workers is the primary goal. A secure office reduces employee anxiety and increases work productivity.

Although work from home is the most feasible work alternative right now, others want to experience their everyday office life once again. Company owners must ensure their rules on health safety practices in the workplace.

Big and small tech firms continue developing gadgets and devices that aim to prevent contamination in the office. Wearable devices, mask detection, and thermal imaging cameras ensure businesses uphold health and safety guidelines in their premises.

DeskFlex Anti-COVID Bluetooth Beacons Device

DeskFlex is the leading software company in desk booking software and office hoteling system. It has many additional software features and functions to address the different challenges that companies face. Coronavirus’s threat in the workplace prompted the DeskFlex development team to include Anti-COVID tasks in the newly upgraded DeskFlex room scheduling system.

One of the most useful DeskFlex Anti-COVID features is the Contact Tracing process through the Bluetooth Beacon Device’sfunctions.

What is DeskFlex Bluetooth Beacons?

Bluetooth Beacons is a small, wireless transmitter that uses low-energy Bluetooth technology to capture and send signals to nearby Bluetooth devices. Devices with built-in Bluetooth sensors include mobile phones, tablets, and portable gadgets. Bluetooth beacons are cutting-edge developments in proximity and location technology.

What are the Functions of DeskFlex Bluetooth Beacons?

Bluetooth beacons can detect mobile devices’ Bluetooth signals within a short proximity. It captures the mobile device Bluetooth signals and transmits it to the central server to store the user’s logged-in data.

Each Bluetooth beacon can cover approximately 230 square feet of office space (70 meters) and can capture Bluetooth signals from numerous mobile devices, and connect to each device at a time. Bluetooth beacons are small devices that have self-adhesive tapes to attach to walls and surfaces easily. They are like the size of a palm and hardly noticeable when installed in the office.

How do DeskFlex Bluetooth Beacons work?

When users log in using their designated company login details, the Bluetooth beacons enable them to check into their desk reservation or meeting room booking. Users can also use the Bluetooth beacons to check out from the room after the reservation ends.

When the user walks over to other floor areas or workstations, the nearest Bluetooth beacon will capture the mobile device signal and sends it to the central server for safekeeping. It keeps a record on every user’s logged-in activity within that day.

How can Organizations benefit from DeskFlex Bluetooth Beacons?

Any organization from the Healthcare industry to Education, Government, Finance, Law Firms, and Corporations can benefit from using DeskFlex Bluetooth Beacons. Office admins and employees can access the desk booking software through a mobile app, web browser, and company systems.

Companies need to consider alternative work arrangements for their team members. To reduce the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace, they should limit the capacity for each floor area in their building. Employees should report to work in a staggered manner. Only the essential workers must come to the office at first. The accounting department, HR personnel, IT department, and the maintenance department are crucial company workers. Other teams must continue to work from home or alternate their work schedules in the workplace. Operating on a skeletal workforce needs reliable office scheduling technology to help remote workers set their time in the building.

Room Booking and Desk Reservation

With the DeskFlex Room booking software, users can view, modify, create, cancel, or reschedule desks, workstations, or cubicle reservations. Site admins can control who can have access to make reservations on meeting or conference rooms and other in-demand workspaces with related equipment. When users confirm their room booking, the system automatically syncs the data to all devices, including workstation touchscreens, contactless room display touchscreens, FlexCube, Lobby kiosks, and the Bluetooth Beacons.

Bluetooth Beacon

Bluetooth Beacon Automation

The DeskFlex Bluetooth Beacon becomes handy in no-shows and canceled reservations. When a user books a desk or meeting room and does not check-in at the time allotted, the system will automatically release the space for others to reserve. The system default time is 15 minutes. This desk booking feature will optimize the use of rooms in the office. Other users who have no reservations for the day may promptly check-in to the available space.

Similarly, when a user checks into the reservation but forgets to check out of the system, the Bluetooth Beacon will automatically check out the user when it can no longer pick up the Bluetooth signal from the user’s mobile device. The program will then release the space and allow for desk sanitation before tagging it as available space for reservations.

COVID Compliance in the Workplace

The DeskFlex Bluetooth beacon has a COVID compliant feature that alerts the Facilities Manager of their teams getting too close to each other. The Bluetooth beacons pick up the signals emitted from the user’s Bluetooth devices. The system keeps the data in a secure server as a safeguard for the Contact Tracing process.

Contact Tracing

In the event of contamination in the office, the Site Administrator can generate all the data recorded from the Bluetooth beacons. It will indicate all the users logged into the system on any given date. Using the Bluetooth signal triangulation method, the site admin can determine the user’s whereabouts while checked in the office.

The site administration can contact the possibly contaminated workers and give instructions on the proper health protocols.

Social Distancing 

Bluetooth beacons are useful in keeping the required distance between employees. The company can request to configure the Bluetooth beacons to send SMS and Email alerts when employees aggregate in one area. It promotes Social Distancing policy in the workplace. Facility managers can also position their desks and workstations with a 2-meter distance and configure the DeskFlex room scheduling program to send notifications when team members breach this policy.

Which companies should use the DeskFlex Bluetooth Beacons?

Any business with ten or a thousand employees can use the DeskFlex room scheduling system. The DeskFlex desk and room booking software can assist small to large organizations in several trades. DeskFlex desk booking software is continuously helping organizations in industries such as Education, Healthcare, Legal, Public and Private enterprises to date. The Bluetooth beacons become add-ons when the business owners request it.

Is DeskFlex Desk and Room Booking System Secure?

Yes. DeskFlex has multiple levels of encryption when the Bluetooth beacons transmit the signals. The system uploads and stores data in the cloud server. Once DeskFlex integrates with the existing company networks, the site admins can create tiers for access and security levels. The system will require a strict authentication process to keep critical information regarding the company and its employees safe from malicious intent.

Still unsure of what DeskFlex room booking software can do to your business in this time of pandemic? You can request a product demo from our account managers to show you how the system works from the actual perspective. COVID-19 will be here indefinitely.

For as long as there is no real cure or vaccine, Coronavirus will linger longer. But even if the world came to a standstill, it doesn’t mean people will stop living. Humans are good at adapting and resilient to life problems. With the help of advanced technology, living with the Coronavirus will be the standard way of life soon. If companies don’t prepare and adapt to the changes, their business will die. It is vital to act decisively, especially in securing the health and safety of your workers. If you take care of your workers, your workers will take care of your business.

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