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How Company Leaders Can Resolve Team Meeting Disputes with Conference Room Booking Software

Most companies have reopened their offices and started doing business as usual. Some are back to traditional office systems, and others have already adopted hybrid office systems. On-site office meetings will become an essential part of daily office activities in no time.

But since companies have been adjusting their office management to avoid health compromise, they have deployed modern innovations in their company to adhere to safety protocols and health standards recommended by the CDC.

Integrating conference room booking software is one of the most effective solutions in assisting companies in organizing their return to the office transition. The system provides features and functions that address the company’s current needs and comply with the imposed health standards during the pandemic.

Here are ways to improve organizing corporate meetings using conference room booking software.

Efficient scheduling of meeting rooms

The usual pen and paper booking process to set up a company meeting can take time and be prone to clerical errors. Using scheduling software organizes meeting room use among teams. The software’s user-friendly interface allows the conference room manager to book quickly and conveniently.

Also, this system optimizes workplace efficiency to avoid double bookings for meetings. It helps reduce conflict between managers and employees in booking meeting rooms. Thus, it helps avoid possible internal strife or leave a wrong impression on outsiders participating in the meeting.

Real-time conference room schedule display

Aside from resolving scheduling woes, it also fixes double reservations and no-show meetings. It consistently updates office desk and room availability.

It displays ongoing or upcoming conferences and available conference rooms, ensuring that the employees and managers determine which office spaces can be booked for particular dates.

The software shows the real-time availability of rooms through the room schedule display. It serves as a status board that informs the other team members of the meeting details of the current department or team using the room.

At the same time, if there is an ongoing meeting, employees who have other business with some people inside the session don’t need to interrupt. Instead, the display board will show the meeting room reservation period. Other teams will know when the meeting will end through the time indicated in the booking.

Scheduling meetings via multi-device access

The traditional booking system involves phone calls, follow-up emails, or SMS to the conference room manager, usually costing call or text charges. But with the conference room booking software, users will need the internet and their smart devices to reserve a meeting room.

Employees can install the booking software on their computer, smartphone, company hardware, and other mobile devices. It will function using the internet; thus, the meeting facilitators can book a conference room in just a few clicks.

Schedule meetings through Outlook or Active Directory

Teams can schedule meetings through the booking software integrated with Outlook or Active Directory in existing company networks. It is also possible to book using web-based software applications to simplify the work further.

The system automatically disseminates meeting information through email and SMS alerts to registered guests and meeting participants.

Furthermore, it allows the conference room manager to sync the meeting to everyone’s calendar and send reminders on the scheduled conference. In addition, the booking system enables the admin to write a personal note informing the next team of necessary details when reserving the conference room.

The use of conference booking software for meeting arrangements is the safest solution in today’s post-pandemic era. The intelligent booking software serves as a tool to seamlessly organize corporate meetings.

How to Avoid Team Disputes over Meeting Room Reservations

The office meeting room remains the most coveted space in the company. Team leaders or department heads race to book the meeting room for their team meetings.

Usually, disputes arise over who booked first or what team has the more pressing and urgent matters to discuss that will need to use the meeting room. Building or facility managers play the role of the referee when disputes happen.

It will not be the case when the company integrates room booking software because it can provide the following benefits.

conference rooms

It reduces disputes between teams booking the same meeting room.

Double reservations are the typical source of disputes between teams or departments. Employees and managers booking the same conference room during the same period can be inevitable with the traditional booking process.

Thus, using the room reservation services reduces booking disputes because the system automatically updates room vacancy and informs what time it is available.

In addition, it can also give clear and concise information of the meeting room from the number of maximum occupants to the equipment inside the room.

It facilitates last-minute reservation changes.

Some team members may need to change or adjust reservations. Using the conference room booking software, team members can modify their booking anytime and at their convenient time.

This feature is beneficial for team members in transit and working in the field and need to book a workspace when reporting back in the office.

It can improve meeting attendance and productivity.

The room booking software helps improve the employee’s attendance at meetings. It is because of the software’s ability to count attendance and track missing employers in real-time digitally.

Also, the software helps in encouraging a collaborative environment for the workers. It has to do with the team member’s capability to hassle-free book their meetings. For this, office productivity increases.

Tips in Integrating Room Booking System in Your Organization

First, determine your chosen room booking software provider to support your company’s needs in managing office spaces and meeting room management.

Next, integrate the booking software with the existing company network. Pick a software provider that can offer an excellent technical support team. The provider will set a date and time for installation and training the company members to use the application.

Then, implement and normalize conference booking software in the company. Besides managing the office meeting and utilizing the conference rooms, it monitors office spaces and resources. Moreover, it can simplify repetitive business activities like reserving and setting up conferences.

Lastly, effectively apply the collected comprehensive data and analytics in the office meeting management. The system saves all data on reservations, cancellations, modifications, and no-show activities done in the system.

It can generate a comprehensive report on space utilization, including resource consumption and equipment use. This data is helpful to managers when making informed decisions in improving their office layout. Thus, employers or facility managers can apply the data to rearrange, renovate, downsize a meeting room or upgrade some equipment.

Therefore, companies that deploy conference room booking software in their systems are ahead of the competition. The system provides convenience to the member of their organization, including visitors and guests. It helps team members and leaders perform their best at their jobs and easy team collaboration.

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