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Meeting Room Booking System: Top 4 Benefits Of Meeting Room Software​

The meeting room is one of the most important rooms in any business where senior staff, managers, and employees get together to discuss projects. Having a meeting room booking system can streamline meetings at your office and we’re going to show you the top 5 benefits of implementing meeting room booking software.

While booking used to be a managerial task, employees are now given the ability to book their own time in the meeting room (based on availability). Solutions such as DeskFlex revolutionized the meeting room booking process by making it as easy a few clicks and connecting the entire office on the cloud. The following is a list of the top 5 benefits of implementing meeting room software:

1) Give Employees Freedom

  • Employees can feel that they have a higher degree of control over their projects.
  • Create a positive work environment that encourages more meetings and fair treatment of employees.
  • Studies show that employees want more freedom in terms of where they’re allowed to work – giving them the ability to manage their work will increase worker satisfaction.

2) Automatic Room Reservation

  • New state-of-the-art workspace management technology such as DeskFlex allows employees and managers to schedule their own meetings without time-consuming bureaucracy – increasing efficiency in the workplace.
  • Reserve available rooms in as little as 2 clicks on the cloud. Employees can access the virtual draw up of the office and book rooms using a smartphone app or hardware at the office.
  • Make organizing meetings easy. The technology allows employees to book rooms in advance which decreases tensions at the office and informs everyone if and when new rooms are available.
  • Remove workload from managers and free them up to focus on more important tasks such as increasing worker productivity and other managerial tasks.
  • Lower no-shows at meetings. If employees know they’re going to be counted as absent if they don’t show up, this will prompt them to show up to the meetings every time.

3) Foster Collaboration

  • The meeting room system boosts the collaborative spirit at the office. Similar to video conferencing tools, a meeting room system booking system connects the employees even. When they’re away because they can book and interact with each other on the platform.
  • Cover the entire office. Employees will have access to every desk and room in the office. Making it easy for them to book any space they want and find out whether it’s available.
  • Businesses can design their own 3D space online based on an exact replica of their offices. Which makes it easy for employees to figure out how to use it.
  • Organize perfect meetings. Employees will know exactly where they need to show up at what time. And this will increase attendance and make sure everyone has the right information.

4) Make Use Of Space

  • Better space utilization. Having a dynamic workplace means that many employees are shifting between different rooms and looking for available conference rooms. If the conference room is unavailable, the employee will be prompted in advance. This way they won’t waste time trying to find an available room until this one frees up.
  • Real-time space tracking. Business owners know which employees are located where in the office and they can reach them in an emergency situation. They also know which rooms are occupied by whom.
  • Usable for large organizations. Many businesses have different buildings and find it hard to keep track of all their space and employees. A meeting room booking system helps transcend these organizational issues.
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