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8 Critical Reasons Why Every Office Should Use A Meeting Booking Software Especially During the COVID19 Pandemic

Conference rooms are valuable shared office resources. But, not everyone needs to use them all at once, especially during a pandemic. Even the slightest of requests will become difficult and time-consuming if your business does not integrate effective conference room booking methods. Failure to put in place such practices in the workplace may result in double-booked meeting rooms, errors in scheduling, wasted catering and space resource issues, wrong visitor impressions, and so on.

Meeting booking software will help increase room capacity and utilization by allowing workers to locate and book the correct space for their needs. They will also help make a positive first impression at the front desk by integrating features tailored to the visitors’ needs.

To help you find the best option, we’ve listed the critical functions of conference scheduling software and eight (8) reasons why you should have a meeting room booking application.

Essential Functions Of Conference Scheduling Software You Need to Know

Conference management software is a business approach that helps specialists and organizations schedule and book meetings more efficiently in the workplace. Also known as reservation software, the program handles the following five essential functions.

  • Client Scheduling Function: Provides people with an organization’s calendar of consultants to make an appointment.
  • Team Member Scheduling: Supports company owners with maintaining track of their employees’ schedules in real-time.
  • Computerized Reminders: This allows you to give clients and employees automatic reminders (via email or text message) about upcoming appointments and room scheduling.
  • Calendar Administration: Helps you to add appointments/meetings to the calendar and swap them with friends in various places.
  • Real-Time Automated Program: After filing an appointment order, you can automatically confirm or reject it.

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8 Reasons You Should Integrate Reservation Programs In The Workplace

Many companies consider meeting rooms to be an important, if not essential, resource. It is a focal point or necessary workspace for internal gatherings, presentations, partnerships, and an opportunity that produces revenue growth. Let us look at the reasons how reservation programs can help your company both financially and operationally.

#1. Streamlined Conference Room Booking

Users may look for items based on their position, attribute, ability, or fixture. Depending on their level of access, knowledge, or authority, the user may have varying levels of permission, such as reading-only, requesting or directly book the room, or not seeing the room at all. Admin users can modify all of these options as well.

#2. Ease of Use in Booking Meeting Rooms

There’s a reduction in the volume of clicks necessary to make and modify reservations, thanks to the simplified booking tool’s drag and drop features. Changing a booking date, for example, takes only a few mouse clicks. It updates all aspects of the booking and all related stakeholders.

#3. Integration of Microsoft Exchange and Outlook

The software integrates MS Exchange and Outlook to make scheduling and reservations easy. It only takes a few minutes to fulfill the integration process. Users and business event managers may use the Outlook room booking system to decide the right time to hold an event. Users can conveniently arrange meetings using the online calendar in meeting room manager Outlook and share it with all their team members.

#4. Versatile Working Support

Businesses are seeing versatile working methods to push smart room allocation and generate a high return on investment. The room scheduling tool has self-service and centrally-controlled interfaces. With a single click, users can book rooms and do desk sharing quickly and efficiently!

#5. Easy Light Touch Panels for Room Displays

Users may also log in to a conference room or desk reservation by scanning a QR code on their mobile devices. Users may sign out of the booking through contactless room booking screens. After a cycle of continuous reservations, the machine will arrange a time for desk and conference room sanitation.

#6. Efficient Visitor Management Feature

The brand and integrity of the business are often affected by the visitor experience. The experience must be as efficient as possible at all times. Conference room scheduling has complete guest control through the reception kiosk, including visitor monitoring from arrival to departure. Users may modify the visitor security functionality to provide anything from an essential electronic logbook to more sophisticated technological integrations. These functions include a biometric scanner, security cameras, no-mask tracking, body temperature scanning, and a registry of unauthorized visitors.

#7. Supports PBX systems

The Cisco Cyber Security Systems Call Manager 4.3(x) must be compliant with a robust room booking system. The room reservation program should conform to the Cisco Cyber Security System’s guidelines and evaluation parameters. Users can make safe online room reservations with high standards of encryption and data protection.

#8. Comprehensive Reporting or Analytics

Meeting booking software should have a sound monitoring system that helps by showing the state of workstations. This feature would help your company by allowing you to choose a workstation that meets your or your employees’ needs. To optimize your space capacity and adjust your space accordingly, you can reserve and monitor equipment such as projectors, computers, and whiteboards.

Final Point

The meeting booking software can radically overhaul the way your business plans and conducts meetings. This cutting-edge technology seeks to eradicate expensive office errors that contribute to reduced efficiency and poor time management. Employees benefit from conference room booking tools in several areas, and facility administrators benefit from data-driven perspectives.

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