Use of Call Monitoring and Agent Performance Management Software

Each organization has a team of customer-facing, information delivery sales, customer services or technical support services using phone, online chat, social tools, fax and other communication channels. Although they are often an important source of income, they represent a considerable expenditure of operations due to staffing requirements, training, infrastructure and associated support they generate. 


As a result, a complete system has emerged around the monitoring and measurement of efficiency and productivity agent contact center. Managers track and report via a variety of metrics and key performance indicators to evaluate the efficiency of the call center and determine how to improve the performance of the call center, while simultaneously manage costs tightly. To get better performance of call center agents, managers must take into account the following two aspects: 


Audit your Agent Communication

Evaluate delays in processing calls that are mishandled due to human errors, or inadequate processing calls because the agent lack knowledge of the company. Reducing unnecessary steps or correcting inadequate processes can help improve call center productivity by reducing the length of call time and increasing the total number of calls processed. Consider outsourcing some or all of the call center traffic. Using a call center to handle the overflow calls during rush hours, process all traffic or specific types of calls during peak periods can improve the productivity and overall performance of a call center.


Improving Internal Communication

You can request information from your agents using instant messages. Choose a method of communication that is easy to use for both you and the employee or sales agent. So the call center agents can participate in the adaptation strategy to customize your sales approach for each client. These agents are more effective, fulfilling client needs quicker. And producing more income than those who are less effective in marketing variation. Therefore, it is critical that managers recognize, promote and reinforce these features in your call center sales force.


When it comes to the performance of the agents, there are basically two things that you want to measure. One is the quantity and the other is the quality. The best way to track the performance of call center agents is using the performance management software. Using call monitoring software, you can easily track the number of calls an agent has made an hour or a day ago. You can also track the number of transactions an agent has handled every day. And quality is most commonly addressed through the use of call monitoring solutions.

Different call centers have unique needs. Agents may be selling from one place or from multiple places.

If you want to differentiate your company from your competition, DeskFlex is here to help. It will train your call center agents to use its AgentPower software and additional skills, such as ask potential customers the right questions to better identify what is important to them. Once discovered, your staff will be better positioned to serve customers. And respond positively to what is specifically important to them. All this will result in increased sales and better call center customer service.

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