Office Hoteling Management

Benefits of Effective Office Hoteling Management

A company that effectively uses an office hoteling system can reduce expenses by creating an agile workplace. Your Office Hoteling Management can more easily employ a mobile or telecommuting workforce, use a smaller office space, and share resources. Investing in office hoteling software that manages shared resources effectively can gain big rewards. 


Office hoteling utilizes your office space more effectively. Workers simply log into the software and reserve desk space, meeting space or office equipment. Whether the employees work from home or travel from office to office, it can accommodate their needs. Employees can make reservations, check availability, and cancel reservations if needed. Employees are often more motivated to work if they have flexibility.

If hoteling has quickly become a priority in your office because of changes in your business or workforce, you can easily begin an office hoteling program. Quality software is easy to install and should be intuitive and user friendly. Invest in a scheduling software that streamlines your reservation immediately when you implement it. Quick training tutorials and customer support help can make it easy for everyone to use the system.


Other great features of a quality office hoteling system like DeskFlex can anticipate demand, and prevent user double booking. You can also reserve parking spaces, office telephones, and other office equipment. Employees can reserve space, arrive at the office, and get right to work. Reservations can be made through an office kiosk or online with employee passwords. Administrators can grant access, allot reservation spaces and times, and schedule events as needed.


Companies find that they can accommodate 25% to 50% more staff by requiring their employees to book a space according to actual time needed and tasks planned.

Office hoteling software helps organizations better manage their workspace, provide greater work flexibility, and minimize the use of office real estate. DeskFlex offers quality web based Office Hoteling and Room Scheduling software. Our program lets you reserve conference rooms, workspaces, desks, car parking spaces and equipment that accommodate to your office and business needs.

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